¾-Million-Dollar Mystery View

259 19th Ave., San Francisco, CA 94121

Above you will find the primary listing photo for a $750,000 condo in San Francisco.

No, I don’t know what we’re looking at either.

Maybe the rest of the photos will be more illuminating…

259 19th Ave., San Francisco, CA 94121

Nope, just a hallway. And… another hallway.

259 19th Ave., San Francisco, CA 94121

And that’s it. That’s the entire set. I guess if you have to ask what the home actually looks like, you don’t deserve to actually buy it?

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4 Comments on "¾-Million-Dollar Mystery View"

  1. According to the listing agent’s quote in the “tour insights” section, we’re looking at, “Jungle-like backyard that has a secret garden feel to it…” The photo seems to show well tended plants in well defined areas, hence the “secret garden” effect. But it’s easy to imagine the “jungle-like” aspect if any of it is left untended for very long.

    Mr. Listing Agent also had this to say, “Classic floorplan for Edwardian-era home.” Interesting, since the main description says it’s in the Victorian style. OK, not that different, but still… you’d think real estate folks would know their styles. Either way, the street view shows an extremely plain (aka butt ugly) facade, something that is all the more tragic given San Francisco’s rich heritage of architectural detailing. A few others on the block have been modernized (i.e., rendered boxlike), leaving two quite nice beauties bereft of their likely as-lovely former neighbors.

    I will give the agent this, his other comment, “Very nice detail throughout,” seems accurate. Very nice woodwork and stained glass. All a bit dark for today’s tastes, but still seems to be done with decent workmanship. I would surely love to see much more. I’m betting potential buyers would, too.

    BTW, this is about a mile and a half southwest of the place with the killer views that we saw on Wednesday, Sept 4. “Killer Views” …see what I did there? Not just Golden Gate Bridge and the Palace of Fine Arts, but Alcatraz, too. ;)

  2. @Emerald63: I noticed the Alcatraz view too. Yeah. Cool-place-I’d-like-to-explore ≠ Place-I’d-like-to-see-every-day

  3. @Frodo: I guess I’m the opposite – there are too many credible reports of serious hauntings there for me to ever want to step foot in the place, but I could handle it being in my daily view. Go figure.

  4. For some reason, the “secret garden” reference always makes me think “who’s buried in it?” Maybe that’s from “The Secret Window.” It’s a secret, anyway.

    That dark wood reminds me of my grandmother’s home–it was magnificent. I wished I had the money to buy it when she no longer needed it.


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