Earning the Commission

600 Barber Ln., Milpitas, CA 95035

You’re looking at the full-sized, one and only photo for a 50 million dollar listing.

If this sells, the listing agent stands to “earn” $1.5 million, assuming a 3% commission. I think I might be in the wrong industry.

Found by: Lbo

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  1. Talk about a “pig in a poke” – the *only* photo? Well, I suppose a potential buyer *would* opt to visit the site before whipping out the old check book, but still… How dumb would s/he feel having *not* visited, only to find out after the fact that it has no bedrooms *or* bathrooms?! :O

    One has to wonder if such a classic white elephant will ever sell. And, if not, then what? I wonder if there’s any way to re-task the space, say as a corporate HQ, or multiple ones for smaller companies. I’m also thinking hospital, but they have all sorts of special considerations built in from the get-go. Hmm… University space? A hotel for part of it? Fewer condo spaces would make them easier to sell, I’d think.

    BTW, Marty, did you write the captions? If so, I thought you *were* in the real estate industry, that this was a hobby. Not so?


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