Great for Fishing. I Mean Fishes.

2961 Hickory Grove Dr., Valrico, FL 33596

You know, in case you wanted to know what your future home will look like to a fish.

2961 Hickory Grove Dr., Valrico, FL 33596

Or maybe through a crystal ball?

2961 Hickory Grove Dr., Valrico, FL 335962961 Hickory Grove Dr., Valrico, FL 33596

Or maybe there’s nothing distorted about these photos at all. Maybe it’s one of those art project houses and all that stuff really is that warped.

Found by: Jessica

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  1. I think you nailed it with the “crystal ball” theory, Marty – the scene is becoming clearer…

    “Yes darlink, the house looks nice, very nice… but I see problems. This house, this house is built on reclaim-ed swampland, dear. The signs are clear, ‘Twin Lakes,’ and here you are between them. Yes, I know I have told you that you will not die by floodink, but that is not to say you will not drown, darlink. The alligators, dear, they will be draggink you in and holdink you under. Livink in Florida is like livink with curse, darlink, and if this you do, you will be sorry.”

  2. It’s like looking at the house through a clown mirror.

    My guess is that the agent wanted to start posting some professional quality photos and went to the store to buy a good camera with “one of those fish-eye lenses that they always use”.

    “Sir, perhaps you want a wide-angle lens with a smaller f-stop.”

    “Nope. Give me the biggest one you have. I want these to be good!”

  3. Looks to me like these might be the interior shots of this place: Or maybe they’re just from the same designer… on the same drugs…

    There’s definitely something beyond a fish-eye lens going on. Look at Pics 5 and 16, for example, along the top and bottom edges of the volumes. There’s not just a convex appearance, as there would be with a fish-eye lens, there’s a combo of convex morphing into concave. How the heck does that happen? I mean without specialty software?

    The house looks like another cookie cutter development offering, though a decent one. I like the kitchen, although I’m still scratching my head on the photo effects that make the fridge look about a foot wide….


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