Saddle Up for Some Orange Chess

2127 Wieler Rd., Evergreen, CO 80439

Can’t say that I’ve ever gotten off a horse and thought “that was so comfortable, I wish I could sit on a saddle all day, in my house!”

2127 Wieler Rd., Evergreen, CO 80439

Also, did someone spill orange juice all over this photographer’s lens?

2127 Wieler Rd., Evergreen, CO 80439

Is the home flooded with Orange Fanta? What’s going on?

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  1. Holy Cow! Some agent apparently thought it was a good idea to move both the warming and the saturation sliders up to full bore on their photo editing software. News flash: sometimes less is more.

    Now, there is a lot of wood in the place, and I can’t tell by the photos if the true color in that quantity is desirable or not. “Less is more” applies to finished wood surfaces too.

    Although: I’m baffled as to why the fitness room was not destroyed by false color like the rest of the house.

    One question: those extra beds in the master(?) bedroom: are they simply reading nooks, or do we have an in-room doghouse situation here? “Honey? thanks for not being here to steal the covers all the time, but would you want to spend the night in the same bed for a change?

  2. Built in 2002, renovated in 2005, and “gutted in 2008”? Hmm… The area has been plagued by forest fires off and on for a few years now. Makes me wonder if it being “gutted” was by choice. It’s a beautiful area (hubby and I used to attend a camping retreat not too far away), but everything is built right up to and sometimes beyond the tree line, which is just asking for it in fire prone areas.

    The town name, Evergreen, is picturesque, but I have a sneaking suspicion that the heavy use of warm tones (even without incompetent photography) is meant to allay the months on end with gray skies and snow white grounds. It likely isn’t quite so orange in real life. But if it is, I’d say the house is going in for a regular spray tan appointment. People, interiors… both look equally phony in that color.

    But if you like the style and setting you’d certainly get your money’s worth. Definitely like living in your own private ski lodge. Wonderful spaces which are for the most part nicely decorated. I always cringe at the thought heating bills in such places, but I suppose if I had the money to buy the like I might stop cringing at maintenance costs.

    As for the saddle stools, Marty, as long as I wasn’t sitting on one for hours on end, I think they might be more comfortable than a regular stool. I’m short and I always get achy legs from either letting them dangle or firmly pressing my feet on the cross bar so I don’t slide out of the seat. Depends on the stool style, but in general I’d rather have a chair. These don’t have stirrups (which would be better), but they do seem to have foot rests in a more natural, wide-set position – no squeezing your knees together just to get both feet on a cross bar.

    Nice digs.

  3. Maybe they’ve only rebuilt the exterior (and the horse barn), so all the interior pictures are actually the ones that they managed to save from when the place was “gutted in 2008.” Maybe they figured the color shift from exposure to adverse conditions was better than revealing that they never quite finished the sheet rock…

  4. Hey guys, wanted to let you know all be away for about a week. Might be able to check in on Monday, might not. Till I see you again… Keep It Looney! :D

  5. @Emerald63: Yeah… that should read “I’ll” be away…

  6. Jenny Sabina | May 6, 2021 at 9:24 AM |

    Hello all, I found this website while looking up this address as I was the original owner of this property and built it with my ex husband back in 2000 to 2002. I had a great time reading all of your comments, lol, truly couldn’t stop laughing but there are real answers to the “looney” part of the house!

    I’ll try to make a long, painful story short. We begin in the late 1990’s when my ex and I purchased the acreage and then subdivided it into 4 lots. We, of course built this house on the best of the 4 lots which has became 1 of the most desirable lots in Evergreen, CO. Because it was our dream home we built it as we wanted including an indoor riding arena and the 6 stall barn as my passion was training horses. The house was more about my Husband and our two children.

    The original house complteted in Summer 2002 had all natural wood of which was beautiful, reclaimed, and completely hand done and customized by a local craftsman. It was not stained any color, just sealed as the natural wood was beautiful on its own. The lower level was designed for kids complete with a gym ball pit. There are a ton of specifics that I could say on here but that’s not what this website is about; it’s about the pictures and what the house has become in these pictures!

    Sadly, my ex and I divorced shortly after the house was finished. The new buyers decided to renovate immediately 2005. I was a bit baffled but hey it was thier house, right? They stained the beautiful natural woods, yep you guessed it, a bit of a orange hue. Put in new cabinets or stained the existing ones. Added to the master bedroom, put in built ins of wood everywhere, painted the walls which were originally textured to resemble old, Italian architecture, even replaced the natural colored granite with, yep brownish, orange colored stuff! The list goes on but the house was one of a kind and unrecognizable afterwards.

    Fast forward 2008, new owners and now even more wood added but also the new owners I guess didn’t like the taste of the previous owners yet again so this time around they completely re did the kitchen with antique biege cabinets and all around new granite throughout the house. Again repainted walls, bye bye gym pit in the lower level, completely new bathes all the way around, re did the master, more new built-in”s, added patio lower level, added exterior, architectural accents, stucco, pretty much you name it all red done complete with the furniture to match.

    We were minimalist when it came to furniture in the house because the house spoke for itself. I actually like the saddle stools as it is a top notch equestrian property with a beautiful meadow which is very rare in the area. For those of you who commented about fires: the property was fully mitigated for Forrest fires so not one fire at all. We built the house around the environment rather than just cutting down trees to suit our needs because there are 200 to 400 year old Ponderosa pines throughout the property and we didn’t want to cut those down.

    Additionally, great research, studies, and effort went into assuring we didn’t build where the Elk caved in the meadow. The only things that remain the same are: the indoor riding arena, the barn and paddocks, and the beautiful view. Hopefully, the old Ponderosa trees still stand tall.

    Truly, the house to me at least, represents the painful, uncontrolled growth of Colorado. The place of my birth, 5 generations of family, a place I called home my whole life up until 2021, a magical place that one could find quite & peace. It was and is likely still a awesome property but like the rest of Colorado everyone wants to change what is already perfect in itself!


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