A Monument to Pop Culture

2127 Brickell Ave Ph 4000, Miami, FL 33129

This home’s current owner is “Hip-hop star Pharrell Williams.”

2127 Brickell Ave Ph 4000, Miami, FL 33129

Not sure if the point here is really to sell the home, or just to show it off.

2127 Brickell Ave Ph 4000, Miami, FL 33129

Because these photos are definitely accomplishing the latter.

2127 Brickell Ave Ph 4000, Miami, FL 33129

Seriously. Who has a movie room just for their guitars?

Apparently, hip-hop stars, that’s who.

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2 Comments on "A Monument to Pop Culture"

  1. Interesting place if a bit pretentious. I wouldn’t want to be that surrounded by pop culture icons, so redecorating would be in order. But if I had $11M to spend on a place, I’d rather get the Boner Ranch in Wyoming which is apparently still for sale.

  2. Nice ‘hood. I mean hood… in the kitchen… over the cooktop (Pics 17 and 18). My grandpa the welder used to make BBQs out of old oil barrels. This hood looks like the lid for one. An interesting shape and material within the squared off wood and terrazzo context. I like it. :)

    The ‘hood, too, is nice. Great views, upscale neighbors. Too bad it’s a sitting duck during a hurricane, let alone a tsunami. ‘Kay, so much for paranoia… It really is a cool penthouse. I like the domed ceiling that encompasses the large multipurpose living area, even if I don’t much care for the artwork. (An enormous framed painting of… Smurfs? While you’re eating?!)

    About the only thing that gives me pause is the questionable choice of hospital green for the bathroom in Pic 13, along with the equally questionable choice of featuring a TP display as some sort of artistic installment. While the latter is easily changed out, the former would take some effort.

    But this small flaw is more than made up for by the delightful children’s play (class?) room in Pic 30. Who wouldn’t love multiple brightly colored tiny chairs around a tiny table, all encompassed by Curious George and Babar murals? After a couple hours of communing with the kiddies, just give me a while in the marble bath with the awesome view (Pic 27), or in the rooftop whirlpool, and I’ll be ready to host a star-studded open house. Yeah, it’s good to be filthy rich.


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