“Be careful! Unlivable now.”

11412 Elam Cir., Balch Springs, TX 75180

If you thought you were going to get any photos of this 672 square foot, 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom house offered for sale near Dallas for $70,000… You were wrong.

Instead, all you get is a picture of this portrait of an unknown lady.

The title of this post is taken from the listing description:

Be careful! Unlivable now. Extra large lot, 9 large oak trees make a perfect home site for living & entertaining. On the East & on the West, the homes are newer brick ones. Take this one; update it; maybe add on some square footage & you’ll have a wonderful home or a great flip. CAUTION: Be very careful – flooring is unstable & has trip hazards. Bring your flash light.

Good to know that there are 9 large oak trees. If a listing has any fewer than 7 I don’t even consider it.

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  1. “…a perfect home site for living & entertaining”

    Um… NO. The neighborhood looks decidedly like a “Y’all watch this” zone as far as entertaining goes. The homes are quite small, very modest, and many are not well maintained.

    The house in question appears to be the third house to the east of the T intersection of Elam Circle and S. Peachtree Road, north side of the street. Something’s amiss at google, as I couldn’t get the actual address to come up, just the street. The street view is from 2011 and does not show brick houses on either side, just one across the street, but the 2015 satellite view also appears to show the same frame homes.

    If I’m correct on location, even in 2011 the house was boarded up (hence the need for the flashlight), with much of the particle board already being quite weathered. Yet there was still a satellite dish on the roof, ‘cuz ‘Murica! Unless there’ve been significant changes in the area, investing here seems a bad idea.

    But at least there are plenty of churches and fast food joints nearby. Like I said, ‘cuz ‘Murica.


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