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4 Comments on "We’ve Got Our Eyes On You"

  1. Pacific Northwest? Check. Overcast and damp? Check. Small glowing lights? Check. Animals nothing… I’m calling an X-File. Season 1, Episode 20, to be exact: “Darkness Falls” (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0751097/plotsummary?ref_=tt_ov_pl) It’s getting dark there and I say those glowy things are really carnivorous bugs conveniently hovering in a position where they won’t be detected. In other words… RUN!!! Oh, and do *not* turn out the lights before you leave.

    OK, for real now… I couldn’t believe the Redfin video saying this place was built in 1901! The exterior forms are really very contemporary in appearance. Though that algae does seem to have been growing there for some time… Is that normal? Is that bad for the structure? Can anything be done to keep it away, other than just scrubbing it off? We open plains dwellers want to know!

    The inside could use sprucing up, but it’s much better than many listings we’ve seen. Two things I do like – the color choices and varying intensities in Pic 5 and the “party carpet” down in Pics 6 and 7. Neither is enough, though, to keep this place from needing a bit of sprucing up, no pun intended.

    I also noted that the Redfin banner says this place has 2,950 sq ft, which would kinda maybe semi-justify the price. But down in the details table it says there are 1,942 *finished* sq ft. That’s a heck of a difference and one that puts the price tag in a new, and less favorable, light, imo.

  2. I didn’t see it on Redfin, but Zillow indicates that this was a rental unit that was foreclosed on. Most of the land attached is undeveloped. If it was built in 1901, it’s obviously been remodeled since then. It looks like it shares a dirt driveway right-of-way with a couple of other houses further back off the road. Not bad for a country house, and not bad for having been a rental unit. It looks like the price has dropped about $100K already, but that’s still a little higher than I’d pay for it.

  3. Marty, I have been nosing around Looney Listing for a couple of days now, “catching up” as it were, and I laughed out loud (really–not “loled”) at this one and several others. Your delightful captions and descriptions are reminiscent of Sara(h?).

  4. Not to mention the man I the balcony on the far right..


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