Vroom Vroom Vroom Vroom Vroom Vroom

5 Summerwind Dr., Muttontown, NY 11545

Wait, what is being offered for sale here… a house or a fleet of luxury and sports cars?

5 Summerwind Dr., Muttontown, NY 11545

Because from the first three photos of this home, it’s honestly difficult to tell.

5 Summerwind Dr., Muttontown, NY 11545

In other news, apparently there is a city in New York called “Muttontown.” Nice.

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5 Comments on "Vroom Vroom Vroom Vroom Vroom Vroom"

  1. Ah, pictures of the traditional start point of the famous Annual Muttontown Luxury Sport-car Road Rally – whoever converts the place into a bed and breakfast can be assured of a steady income accommodating well-wishers eager to wave off their favorites.

  2. I would hope they have *some* sort of exciting pastimes outside the home because God knows there is *nothing* exciting going on inside. You rarely see so much money spent to so little effect.

    The place is just… bland. And that is a crying sin for quality goods. Other than the stair hall and the 5’x11′ bathroom directly behind the semi-circular room on the second floor, this place is almost painful to look at. Sigh…

    How is it that those of us who actually know how to put that level of affluence to good use are never the ones with the requisite disposable income???

  3. I agree with Emerald: 50 shades of beige. I did however like the enclosed porch with the flashes of brick through the distressed-looking parts of the wall. I think that room was handled by someone completely different than the tasteless person who picked the furniture.

  4. @Samme: Did you mean the room at the back of the first floor, over to the left sort of? With stools fashioned like captain’s chairs and the bar? I’ve looked closely and I don’t see any brick flashes, though. If this is the one you meant then your right, it’s a decent enough room.

    What did you think of the listing website layout? I found it a bit difficult to use myself. If the floor plan had been larger and the little camera icons were numbered I would have had less of a problem with it.

  5. The second pic of the screened porch looking in not out. That was my favorite, it’s the farthest camera to the right on the diagram. The website seemed decent enough if I was trying to decide if a place was worth seeing in person. The floor plan diagram is zoomable (is that a word?) so you can read it if you go to that side and hit the zoom.


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