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  1. I’m a PotO fan so the Phantom can stay. ;)

    So, this is a fairly successful older upscale look. That said, the chickens in the breakfast nook just don’t seem to go with the rest of the house. Chickens work in my little country cottage, not here. The only good place for chicken here is served for dinner with some French adjectives.

  2. Given the Ocean Boulevard address and the seriously high-tone interior, my first guess was that this might’ve been the late Gianni Versace’s place. But a google image search told me no… this place is way more tastefully decorated that Versace’s. Go figure. Add the silk covered walls and 18k gold accents to to the location and I’m surprised this place is going for as little as $7.4M.

    In general… WOW. I can forgive the odd pattern and bold color choices of the uber-riche (Pics 24, 35, 46, 54) because it’s all just so… classy. Everything works. Everything looks both gorgeous and comfortable to live in. About the only thing I take issue with is the gold accenting on the stair hall columns. Very distracting. I’m also not too whippy on the, shall we say, “unusual” appearance of the desk chair in Pic 40. Some windows in the kitchen would be nice, and not having the wallpaper continue on the ceiling in the bathroom pictured above might be nice. But really, there’s not really much else to quibble with.

    Marty, the Phantom of the Opera visual reference (Pic 43) is in the “lobby” of the private theater (Pic 44). The photos next to the trompe l’oeil mural are of famous actors and move scenes. BTW, that is one humdinger of a private theater. Those have got to be the most comfy looking seats we’ve seen in one so far. Although… Oops! There are plastic tote boxes showing backstage!! “Thurston, we simply must fire that stage manager this instant!”

  3. @Frodo: So the chickens are a no-go? What about the tropical aquarium in the round, mere feet away? (Pic 16) It’s a nice set-up, but it definitely seems incongruous next to an otherwise nice, but typical family dining area. Maybe they should just stick to serving seafood on the dinner plates, too, eh?

  4. @Emerald63: Ah! Being bereft of literary background (and not having clicked through to the listing), I did not realize the purpose of the little sitting room with the very substantial locking-grille door guarding the curtained picture.

    I assumed that this was a tremendously upscale property indeed, with a special room for securing (and occasionally displaying) world-class stolen art – staged for the listing with the door open and the curtain drawn back to reveal a mere local art student’s efforts to telegraph its use to the knowing buyer. :D

  5. @Anodean: Huh. That’s definitely a more interesting conclusion. Hmm… maybe I should try coming up with some comments before looking at listings, compare what I first supposed then later investigated, ’cause that sounds like a pretty fun process. :D

  6. @Emerald63: I thought the aquarium area was odd, but I have to confess not knowing much about how people of these kinds of means display pet fish. The closest I get is the fist tank guys on Animal Planet, and this seems normal by comparison.

    In my house, we eat fish. On the other hand, my son has an aquatic turtle and keeps her in a large tank along one wall of his bedroom. That’s how people in my part of the economic scale do it.

  7. @Frodo: I endorse the “Just eat them” credo… keeping fish is an arduous, thankless, endless, and often disgusting undertaking. After viewing the listing pictures of this property, I would suggest that anyone suffering an urge to keep fish invest instead in having someone paint them on their ceilings in the dreamy, floaty manner of this property’s ceiling murals. Just as relaxing to look at, and probably cheaper, too…

  8. Lol this was actually my inlaws place, no joke, that is actually the elevator door. It was painted that way to give more character instead of being just an elevator door. This ia in the theatre lobby area.


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