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5 Comments on "Wayne Manor Really an Illinois Castle"

  1. There’s potential there, except being described as a historic home means that you probably wouldn’t be allowed to do much other than restore it. It’s like the Lincoln house we saw here recently in that regard.

  2. Only 30 miles from Chicago’s Gold Coast, palatial size and style, all for a measly $1M? Score! (Shh… we won’t talk about the multiple Ms it might take to get the place up and running again, ’cause… score.) There’s plenty of big money in Chi-Town for someone to do right by this erstwhile palace.

    That said, Mr. Bruce needs to get his butt kicked for letting it get that bad. Bruce – Put the damn cape back in the closet and go take care of your house! Hey, it’s Alfred’s home, too, ya know!

    My favorite pic is No.14 – built in bookshelves, a fireplace, gobs of sunshine, **and** a turret? Did I mention… SCORE!!!

  3. IT HAS A TURRET!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. This is an incredible peice of Illinois history,I drive by the Dunham castle daily and everyday I still sit in awe at it,I can’t believe they let it go for 1 million and I’m glad to see that there are already crews working on it,can’t wait to see what it’s future holds

  5. Mary E Campbell | June 13, 2021 at 3:01 PM |

    My paternal grandparents rented the main floor left tower apartment every summer when they came up from Clearwater to visit family and friends. Date and Flot (float) Scott Campbell would have us in for sleep overs and tea parties. My tiny china doll got lost up on the third (?) floor where it looked like a ballroom. We found her with our trusty Girl Scout flashlights. Wonderful memories of exploring the grounds and out back by the stables.


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