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272 S. Burlington, Los Angeles, CA 90057

So… is the judgmental old man included in the $585,000 listing price? Because I’m gonna need somebody to make sure all the kids keep off my damn lawn.

Also, apparently this listing comes with a… billboard?

272 S. Burlington, Los Angeles, CA 90057

Los Angeles. What will they think of next?

Found by: Ben F.

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3 Comments on "Staring Contest"

  1. Looks like a money-making investment: 5 rentals and a billboard. The old guy might convey if you want to keep him on as a tenant.

  2. I was thinking that what this place has going for it (if anything) is location, location, location, ’cause it sure as heck doesn’t have ambiance or spaciousness. Then I noted there are 5 units on the property. Well… OK, I guess the price tag is somewhat more reasonable, although that still breaks down to over $100k each. Although… maybe it’s $100k each and the rest is for the judgmental old watchman?

    Yeah… the whole damn planet’s gone nuts.

  3. I just had a sudden flash of that rollicking song, “Lord, How The Money Rolls In,” but I am pleased to report that I have successfully suppressed it. We’re all safe, now.

    …and thank you, Frodo, for asking whether the old man conveyed. I have been awfully slow lately, sorry. :D


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