Ceiling Pride

8443 E View Crest Cir., Mesa, AZ 85207

Somebody is really proud of their ceilings.

8443 E View Crest Cir., Mesa, AZ 85207

Oh yeah, and also their floors.

8443 E View Crest Cir., Mesa, AZ 85207

But mostly their ceilings.

8443 E View Crest Cir., Mesa, AZ 85207

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4 Comments on "Ceiling Pride"

  1. Did they decide to paint the ceilings because their neck was jammed in that position and they wanted something nice to look at – or did their neck get that way from painting the ceilings?

    Hmm. Guess the tiebreaker would be if they tiled the floor while hanging from one of those upside-down back-stretchers, eh?

  2. Denita TwoDragons | October 21, 2012 at 10:57 AM |

    These murals remind me a lot of a pair of muralists I’m familiar with here in TX, who do EXCELLENT work. Something about the style makes me wonder if maybe Lee and Matt Casbeer are behind these.


  3. Maybe the picture-taker is a “working girl” aiming for her agent’s license?

    Such a beautifully stark landscape and minimalist landscaping treatment on the way in. And then SPANISH IMPERIAL BAROQUE OVERLOAD, ANYONE?!

    Ahem, yes, that was shouting, but only for descriptive effect. How can anyone come from that natural modernism, straight into this, this… this over-worked, over-hyped, over-created interior and not have a psychotic break? Worst offenders, imo, images 40 and 43…

    If you can afford nearly $3.5mil for a house *and* the price of the awesome red washer and dryer, I think you can afford a desk chair that doesn’t Cause Toxic Clash Syndrome. Speaking of psychotic breaks, I wonder how the designer of the #43 bathroom is doing these days…

    Especially if he/she also designed (or even accidentally wandered into) the dining area in image #14. ‘Kay… the two walls shown aren’t perpendicular to one another, the dining set, though dark and heavily carved, looks tiny and lost over there in the “corner,” the “corner” is actually an apse, and some idiot has jammed a grid-patterned floorscape in at a 45′ angle. FYI, when I take over the Universe, interior decorators will be as thoroughly trained and as stringently licensed as brain surgeons ’cause HEY – these things matter!

    Hmm… maybe it’s just that Spanish Imperial isn’t my thing.

    No… it’s utterly ignoring the context that isn’t my thing.

    Anyway, there were some aspects I *did* like… The bathroom in image #23 is decadently lush without being chokingly over-anythinged, and I will street brawl with any and all comers for ownership of the library in images #32 and #33. It’s just too bad such an extraordinary site was burdened with such a weighty bit of litter…..

  4. @Denita TwoDragons: Ahhh yes… you’ve shared the Casbeer brothers’ work with us before, back at that *other* site. *cough*gutted-and-decapitated-before-its-time*cough* They do indeed do mighty fine work. Thanks for re-sharing them!


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