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  1. What they didn’t show you is the junk yard visible from the house that you have to drive past every time you come or go.

    Otherwise, although the decor is unremarkable, the architecture is interesting. I could do something with it.

  2. Drive past? I’d call it “drive through” – though I’ll admit I’m not the finest map-pilot at ground level… and while this compound seems to hover in private, solitary splendor, note that Bryant Road curls right tightly around it… as will the vehicles of neighbors driving several miles past it to their frontier retreats further down this cul-de-sac… and I’ll bet they won’t be driving any namby-pamby little electric smart cars, either.

  3. Whoa…. no kidding that’s some junk yard. (O_o) And that close to Simi Valley, too… But I’m more concerned with it being just next door to Northridge, as in the Northridge earthquake of ’94. From Wikipedia:

    “…the ground acceleration was one of the highest ever instrumentally recorded in an urban area in North America, measuring 1.8g (16.7 m/s2) with strong ground motion felt as far away as Las Vegas, Nevada, about 220 miles from the epicenter. The peak ground velocity was the fastest… ever recorded.” [emphasis added]

    Ya know, I think I’m gonna pass….

    And what’s with the pool area? It’s on the magnified satellite images at google maps (really zoom infor a great aerial photo in perfect focus). The railing and concrete deck is just above the waterfall in Pic 9 at the listing, but there’s no sign of it in Pic 1. The pics are from slightly different angles, but I’d think that wouldn’t totally obscure any sign of it. So was it added after the Pic 1 was taken? Or is it no longer there after Pic 9 was taken?

    With all of that, it’s utterly microscopic potatoes to mention the pull-out sofabed(?!) in Pic 7 and filthy windows in Pic 8 in what’s supposed to be a “celebrity owned home.” I’m pretty sure celebrities don’t make their guests sleep on a pull-out sofabed. Nor do they make them eat dinner from a half-reclining position on leather sofas (Pic 3). I have to wonder which “celebrity” owns this place and just what “accomplishment” won them the title. It certainly wasn’t anything connected to brains because, really, who lives in an area called Box Canyon in an earthquake, fire, and flash flood environment???


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