Please Step Away from the Photoshop

1202 S Surf St., Westport, WA 98595

There’s nothing quite like cranking the saturation up to eleven to tell a prospective buyer “welcome to your new home.”

Or maybe that’s really what it looks like on a cloudy day in Westport… on acid.

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6 Comments on "Please Step Away from the Photoshop"

  1. That looks like poorly done HDR photography.

  2. Denita TwoDragons | September 27, 2012 at 9:40 PM |

    @Frodo: Glad I’m not the only one that caught that… I can’t stand the current trend for HDR pics cranked up so high everything has a halo and slaps your retinas. Blegh!

  3. @Denita TwoDragons: AGHH! My cones! My aching cones! You’ve killed my contrast vision!!

  4. I’m thinking, maybe the outdoor images have been “sexed up” to counter the terminally taupe interior? It’s a really nice looking house but, by now, you guys know me – too many neutrals make Emerald a sad, sad girl. Taupe is a nice color… as a backdrop, but *not* as the main feature. Still, that’s a totally easy fix compared to some house issues.

  5. Denita TwoDragons | October 1, 2012 at 9:32 AM |

    @Emerald63: Nononono, we had it all wrong…the exterior really DOES look like HDR done by Timothy Leary, and the interior is overcompensating for it! Yeah, that’s the story…

  6. @Denita TwoDragons: Silly me, of course! When one can see both the inside and the outside at the same time – as Leary no doubt could – the bright vs blah really do balance each other out. Good catch, D!


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