“Well Thought-Out Open-Concept”

69 Wharf Road, Rothesay, NB E2E 5X1

From the listing description:

An absolute charmer in Rothesay’s finest waterfront community.

This beautifully built recreational property has a perfect balance of style and practicality.The wood clapboard exterior, tasteful trimwork, and inviting front verandah make this a standout property in the quaint and friendly seasonal neighborhood.

Inside, a well thought-out floor plan boasts an open-concept kitchen-dining-living-fishing-drinking room.

69 Wharf Road, Rothesay, NB E2E 5X1

Pictured above: the kitchen-living portion of the room.
Pictured below: the dining-fishing-drinking portion.

69 Wharf Road, Rothesay, NB E2E 5X1

Potential buyers should note this rather important bit from the listing:

Structure must be moved prior to closing, preferably before spring thaw.

As in, this listing is a fishing shack on the frozen banks of the Kennebecasis River.

Be sure to check out the video as well.

It’s nice when a real estate agent is a professional, but doesn’t take themselves too seriously.

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  1. This realtor is a gentleman and a scholar. I second Marty’s endorsement of his character, and do declare that here he shall surely be kindly received and find himself among friends.

  2. Are we sure he’s not taking himself seriously? Some of those ice fishers can be pretty hard core. Even if he’s not one of them, he may be catering to them. I’m not sure which would be funnier – if he’s doing it tongue in cheek of if he’s totally serious. Either works, though.

    There’s no mention of sanitary facilities (aka a toilet), but ya know.. I’m OK with that. Really… I don’t need/want to know. The old adage “don’t s**t where you eat” is threatening to start ringing in my mind if I don’t move on…

    Regardless, for around $2200 American, it might be a bargain. There are much more expensive hobbies and, hey, this one let’s you bring home dinner!

    Took a look at a map. Appears to be about 75 miles east of Maine. But it’s also around 10 miles from a mysteriously blank spot on the map, around 225 sq miles of… nothing. Just… beige. Um… Canadian military proving grounds perhaps? Area 51 of the North? I don’t know about you guys, but map locations with “no there there” make me nervous. Yes, even more nervous than hard core ice fishermen…

  3. @Samme: Ah, so there is method in his madness… eh? (Sorry, couldn’t resist.) I really enjoyed the article, Samme. Thanks for posting it. I clicked over to the article and slide show of another listing he had fun, mentioned in this article. Here are the URLs for those:



    My personal favorite extra is the proclamation that the house is “fog resistant.” There’s talk in the first article about humor not being well thought of in real estate, which I do not get. For me, as long as the listing agent is professional, knows his/her stuff, is honest and thorough, I see no problem with tossing in a bit of fun. Now if the listing and showing processes were about fun first and business second, that would be a different story. But as you can see from the lengthy video at this listing – http://jakepalmer.ca/61-riverview/ – Mr. Palmer seems like a highly competent agent. I say more power to him for lightening the weight of what’s likely the biggest transaction most folks will ever make. Go Jake! :D

  4. Glad you caught this quote:

    “Structure must be moved prior to closing, preferably before spring thaw.”

    A friend of mine grew up on a bay near Cleveland where people would ice fish. He and a couple of friends would mark the location of where the shacks were. If they were left for the thaw by negligent owners, they would retrieve the shacks from the bottom and resell them the next winter.

  5. @Frodo: I’m visualizing them surreptitiously attaching marker-buoys of empty clorox bottles on rope to them and then tip-toeing away…


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