“Value is clearly in the land.”

7820 79th Ave SE, Mercer Island, WA 98040

From the listing description:

Value is clearly in the land. … House has good bones- could be a fantastic remodel.

So, wait, which is it? Is the value only in the land or does the house have “good bones”?

7820 79th Ave SE, Mercer Island, WA 98040

Again from the description:

…great unobstructed view of Mt. Rainier, Lake Washington, city lights. … Spectacular VIEWs of Lake & Rainier…

Did I mention the view of Mt. Rainier? No?

7820 79th Ave SE, Mercer Island, WA 98040

Not sure if you really fully appreciate the view. APPRECIATE IT.

7820 79th Ave SE, Mercer Island, WA 98040

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4 Comments on "“Value is clearly in the land.”"

  1. I’m gonna go with “the value is in the land.” What we can see of the house isn’t very impressive. Some of that may be due to very poorly chosen photos, though. Pic 13 indicates there’s a cathedral ceilinged living room… but we don’t see it. What we do see are several views of poorly maintained wooden deck railing and window mullions. Well, that’s what we see of any of those “bones,” that is…

    Mostly what we see is MT. RAINIER! And did I mention, you can see MT. RAINIER from the property?!

    Really? Five out of 15 shots you’re using to sell something are of… something else? It’s a gorgeous view but just one shot would tell prospective buyers that. The other four photo slots you could’ve used for, oh I don’t know… maybe even one picture of an interior space? And no, the kitchen sink doesn’t count. It would be a fun visual joke if you showed everything else, too (everything and the kitchen sink), but no.
    I’d want to know why they cut down that tree. Looked like a nice size one, so why remove it? If disease was the reason, that could possibly endanger much of the rest of the land’s attractiveness. Except for that view of MT. RAINIER! Heeey… maybe they cut it down to improve the view of MT. RAINIER?! Yeah… that’s got to be it.

    Last but not least, I gotta wonder just how much noise pollution the airplane hangars across the lake might indicate. Those are some pretty large planes in Pic 11.

  2. “Not another house in sight!” says the listing. “Why?” I asked myself. “Let’s go to the satellite map!” I answered myself. Yes, it’s on the good side of a considerable slope – those treetops seen from the windows are on the property, and the house is listed as “tri-level” … with two kitchens on different levels in an arrangement very suggestive of an intimate duplex.

    Neighboring properties on satellite image are far nicer, leading me to believe that this is indeed one of those “unique” old places that was built (and built onto) as the owner pleased, long before those high-falutin’ new-come neighbors (or building inspectors) were around to have an opinion about it. One suspects a good deal of engineering skill (the place shows no sign of sliding downhill), minimum attention to inhabitable practicality, and a lack of aesthetics verging on the dreadful: thus, few pictures of the structure itself and gloomy details in those offered… right down to the battered pickup truck in the driveway.

    I’m guessing that the “good bones” are the poured concrete foundations and possibly some massive beams – and that the neighbors are ecstatic that the old guy and/or his extended family are selling up. :D

  3. This is another hilarious pacific NW listing. For those who don’t live here, Mercer Island is pretty expensive, largely because of the waterfront, views, and easy access to both Seattle and the eastside. 2 million for a decent lot to build on is probably right. I don’t think that lot is necessarily as good as they think it is though.

  4. @Samme: Indeed, it does look… precipitous. The listing’s suggestion that there might be room for a pool and/or tennis court made me imagine some sort of downhill Endless Pool in which you could practice swimming upstream like a salmon. Not much level approach up there. :D


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