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3467 Ocean Front Walk, San Diego, CA 92109


3467 Ocean Front Walk, San Diego, CA 92109

Okay this room is pretty cool. Not sure about the wild assortment of upholstery patterns, but I dig the circular sofas and table. Would be great for board gaming.

Found by: Ben F.

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  1. Nifty looking place, incredible location. However, way too cheek-and-jowl with neighbors if it were my money, but still architecturally nice. The bath area shown in Pic 21 is awesome, or it would be… if the whole world weren’t watching!

    I’d love to know just how much the custom kitchen cost them. I think the fridge (foreground of Pic 10) is the part with the long metal handle, though it has what looks like drawers on the lower half. Perhaps those are also refrigerated? I’d thought maybe the concave corner unit was the fridge and would have been very impressed if it were. But the long handled bit seems more likely.

    Biggest mystery, though… how is it this house sold (for just over $800K) in 1991 when it supposedly was built in 2000???

  2. @Emerald63: Presumably the old house was torn down and replaced with what we see today.

  3. @Marty E.: “Presumably…” Thanks for the suggestion, Marty. I hadn’t thought of that because, to my thinking, they were talking about the house shown having sold, not something that used to be there. Really, who would care about that? Maybe they could have meant what the property portion sold for? Or are they maybe just showing how much the area has “appreciated”? (Yeah, No. Skyrocketing prices don’t always have anything to do with improvements to the investment.)

  4. @Emerald63: I had the same thoughts about the voyeuristic shower. It’s not quite as bad as the showers in the highrise condos in Miami we saw a couple of months ago.

  5. @Frodo: I don’t quite remember which out in the open bathroom that was. I’m picturing a glass bath addition on the back of 3-4 story building, but can’t quite place a highrise one. The link in your comment goes to the Redfin listing, which is no longer for sale and, thus, has no photos other than the front of the building. If you can track down the date here for the one you mean, I’ll refresh my memory. I’d love to compare the two.

    I’m thinking a highrise would offer a distance from other buildings and at least a false sense of anonymity because you probably wouldn’t see others watching you, leaving plenty of mental room for denial. But this place… you can clearly see the neighbor’s balcony to the right of the bath area photo. I mean, you could recognize someone out there and wave to them!

    ‘Kaaay…. I did just note what seems to be an oval curtain rod over the shower area. No curtain, though. Perhaps there’s another above the tub that isn’t seen in the photo? But you’d still be confronted with being the biggest thing behind glass since Macy’s 34th Street Manhattan holiday display… or Amsterdam’s red-light cubicles. Kind of a combo of both, in this case. What’s the point of the wonderful sense of openness if you’re not somewhere where you can actually enjoy it???

  6. That’s strange that it’s taking you to the Redfin listing. It’s the September 25th Looney Listing post entitled “Fill in the Many Blanks” and featured a shower separated from the living room by a mere glass panel.

  7. @Frodo: Thanks, Frodo. It’s a good thing the one photo Marty included shows the shower. As I said, there aren’t any photos at Redfin. All it says is…

    “Public Record: Not for Sale
    This home is not currently for sale and comes to us from the local county assessor’s office.”

    Does this mean the whole building is to be auctioned for some sort of default?

    Anyway, at least the only folks seeing you there would be your domestic partner or guests. I don’t recall there being close-up neighbors who could see you. Were there? If not, I still vote for the one above as the more public of the two.


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