Home for a Basket Case

25700 S 678 Rd., Grove, OK 74344

From the submitter:

All I can say is that somebody likes baskets.

No joke.

25700 S 678 Rd., Grove, OK 74344

Um… what else is there really to say?

25700 S 678 Rd., Grove, OK 74344

Looks like the basement is where they store the baskets they haven’t had time to hang up around the house yet.

25700 S 678 Rd., Grove, OK 74344

“Honey, we ran out of hooks for baskets.”

“No problem, I’ll just build you a basket shelf.”

25700 S 678 Rd., Grove, OK 74344


25700 S 678 Rd., Grove, OK 74344

Note the other collections featured in the photo above: Santa dolls and white tea sets(?).

25700 S 678 Rd., Grove, OK 74344

That is a lot of baskets.

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  1. I once worked for a basket weaver at the KC Ren Faire, so I’m hazarding a guess the sellers make baskets, either for their own enjoyment or as a business. Handmade baskets bring in decent money, though the huge fad was years ago. This is in extreme eastern Oklahoma, about 50 miles west of War Eagle, Arkansas (in the Ozark Mountains), where one of the biggest craft fairs in the Midwest takes place. It’s about 100 miles west of country-crazy Branson, and it’s only about a mile from the Cherokee Nation tribal area, which takes up a good chunk of northeast Oklahoma. All three would be excellent tourist outlets for selling handmade baskets. Or… buying them. If you’re an addict. Since there are also indications of needlework, quilting, crochet, and lace-making, I’m thinking this may indeed be a full-spectrum craft addiction. Pity the husband if it is…

    It’s a nice house with a decent amount of room for a small family, it’s in a rural area so there’s lots of land to roam around outdoors, as well an arm of the Grand Lake of the Cherokees practically in the backyard. Plus, it’s got a basement, always a consideration in Tornado Alley. Surprisingly, many homes in Oklahoma don’t have basements. At least they didn’t used to; maybe that’s changed. The listing says it’s a vacation home, though the decor seems elaborate for that. As long as one doesn’t mind living in the country, with nary a town for miles around, it’s a really good deal.

    (Note: Baskets not included)

  2. Dust-catchers… everywhere. My head is spinning, and since it does seem to be Beatles Salute Week inside said head:

    No thank you please,
    It only makes me sneeze,
    And then it makes it hard to find the door.

  3. Maybe they are just really really into organization?
    Or perhaps she takes the idea of not putting all her eggs in one basket to the extreme.

  4. @anodean: “Dust-catchers” That was my first thought as well. Allergies, dust-mites, etc.

    Otherwise, minus the baskets, this is similar to my house. Add a few more acres and different decor and this is where I live. This is a nice area too. I’m surprised it’s this inexpensive so close to the lake.

  5. @Frodo: In that case, I hope you also have recourse to a basement you “could use…for a storm shelter.” Be safe, you.

  6. We do have a finished basement. A hurricane could blow the roof off, but we have thick outside walls with block, brick, and finished framing on the inside. It would take a pretty stout storm. I appreciate the concern, though.


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