I Have Prime Swampland to Sell You

202 Timberwilde Ln., Hunters Creek Village, TX 77024

This $16.8 million listing is allegedly for a 4-bed, 3.5-bath 3,941 square foot home.

202 Timberwilde Ln., Hunters Creek Village, TX 77024

The listing contains thirty-two photos. Exactly two of those photos show any hint of the home.

Definitely worth $16.8 million, for sure.

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2 Comments on "I Have Prime Swampland to Sell You"

  1. Well, Texas has been awfully dry. Perhaps all that wonderfully moist, green wetland is a selling point, there?

  2. Just a thought here, but when you’re trying to sell a multi-million dollar site, you might not want to show the derelict building pad next door (Pic 3, lower left corner), especially when the word “bayou” is used no less than five times in your listing description. Other than that, about the only thing going for this listing is the sense that you’re on the Jungle Cruise ride at Disney’s Magic Kingdom. Oh, wait… lots of jungle, no entertaining fake animal tableaux… Nevermind. I guess there’s nothing going for this listing after all. (Anyone wanna put down $10 yea or nay that the photographer contracted malaria during this shoot?)


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