Lair of the Evil Genius

Submission, photo selection, and commentary by submitter Emerald63. Thanks!

It looks like such a nice, unassuming little house…

1614 Oakes Ave., Everett, WA 98201

But then… you walk inside… and you see… Them.

1614 Oakes Ave., Everett, WA 98201

Figurines, action figures, tchotchkes, dolls…

1614 Oakes Ave., Everett, WA 98201

Call them what you will, they’re *everywhere*. ‘Kaaay… that’s weird.

1614 Oakes Ave., Everett, WA 98201

But Wait! There’s more!! Even a brief sojourn to The Underworld (aka The Basement) will reveal…

1614 Oakes Ave., Everett, WA 98201

The Lair of the Evil Genius, where all of Them were brought to Life!!!


Found by: Emerald63

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6 Comments on "Lair of the Evil Genius"

  1. Emerald63 | June 12, 2014 at 1:11 PM |

    And that’s just one of the Lair photos… there are 3 more, including the one of the Sacrificial Altar of the Evil Genius in Pic 15. Even stranger, though, is the two-headed… open air shower in Pics 24 and 25. It feels all institutional-like, like it’s in some creepy boys’ reform school. Whether it’s lurking psychotic axe murderers or demonic poltergeists, something feels way off in that room.

    There are a couple of nice features, the built in wood-fronted storage in Pic 11 and the way-cool period stove in Pic 7. Still, the description of the living room as “huge” seems inaccurate, though it does seem in keeping with the code-word description of the house as “adorable.” It’s my understanding that usually means the place is nice, but way smaller than you’d expect. Given the glaring examples in photo after photo of the not adorable current contents of the place, the agent might want to refrain from calling describing it as such.

  2. With a sink in the kids’ bedroom and the double showers, this does look dormitory-ish.

    So I have two directions I could go on the army of spooky figurines:

    A) I wonder what politicians or celebrities those voodoo dolls go with.

    B) Gru’s minions come to mind.

  3. Six drops of the Essence of Terror
    Five drops of Sinister Sauce…

    Now all of us must take that creepy
    trip to Horror Hill
    Beware of the dangers along the way or
    you may take a spill…

    … I dunno, it just came back to me as I looked at those things. Milton the Monster Show, wasn’t it? Professor Weirdo and Count Kook? And now, through the miracle of the internet, we know where they ended up.

  4. Emerald63 | June 13, 2014 at 3:27 PM |

    @Frodo: Politician voodoo dolls for the Win!!! >:D

  5. Emerald63 | June 13, 2014 at 3:27 PM |

    @anodean: Um… I’m kinda glad we never watched TV together as kids……. :O

  6. @Emerald63: Oh, Milton the Monster was a sweetheart – Professor Weirdo accidentally dropped the whole container of Tenderness into the mix (Kook probably jogged his arm). Why I couldn’t have used those brain cells for storing something useful like laws of sines and cosines I’ll never know.

    I second the Win to Frodo! Boy, that could explain a lot.


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