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3 Comments on "Pretty in Pink"

  1. Emerald63 | April 4, 2014 at 6:15 PM |

    Wow is right! OK, not for that bedroom, but for the rest of the place. It’s both lovely and comfy looking, truly a rarity. I would not have chosen such an intense hue for the bedroom, at least not for the walls, but I’d be happy to move in to every other room in the place, not to mention the terraces and lawn. N-i-i-i-c-e……

  2. I wanted to hate this place after reading the saccharin listing text. But, I can’t. In fact, I love it. No, I do not like the pink room, and I don’t particularly like the toilet sitting front and center in the main bathroom, but outside of those issues the place is just freaking fab. *sigh*

  3. I concur – we’re writing this place a “Get Out Of Bad Pink Paint Free” Card: the rest of it is amazing. Given the care someone put into all the touches of centuries-old authenticity, I’ll suggest that they were induced into choosing this color to match an authentic specimen of old milk-paint, which I fuzzily recall having sometimes been made with a deep red-ocher-earth pigment that could age out into this shade (e.g. faded barn red)… but authentic or not, I doubt even our forebears would have used that much of it indoors, let alone in the bedroom. Need to rethink and regroup that stuff into a nice, restrained accent presence, hey.


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