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3 Comments on "Nope. Noooooope."

  1. Is this a listing or an urban exploration site? This looks like a house that was abandoned 30 years ago. Apparently “total renovation” means “needs to be bulldozed”.

  2. And the floating orbs in some of the pictures aren’t in any way a bad sign….

  3. Anyone else have the feeling that the crime scene clean-up crew left just before the photographer arrived? And I thought houses in my town were neglected… Maybe Rincewind’s floating orbs are the spirits of whoever the clean-up crew was, er… cleaning up? All I’ve got to say to them is, “Guys… You just got the biggest free ticket ride out of this hell hole, now for the love of God GO already!”

    Scariest thought (I think) is that this place is wired for electricity. The pic of the breaker box made me shudder in part because it brought up a whole new meaning for the name “breaker” box.

    Yikes, yikes, and more yikes… Run Away, Run Away, Run Away!!!


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