Your Driveway as an Extreme Outdoor Challenge Course

16 Oak Cir., Basye, VA 22810

Getting to this home might be a bit of a challenge…

16 Oak Cir., Basye, VA 22810

But at least it will be fun!

16 Oak Cir., Basye, VA 22810

Wait what are they selling here? A house or an outdoor adventure park?

Found by: Christin C.

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2 Comments on "Your Driveway as an Extreme Outdoor Challenge Course"

  1. And for those of us who aren’t into sports… well… it’s a nice looking place in a nice setting. Not a bad price for the size and apparent state of repair, either. Definitely need to redecorate, though, as the colors, furniture styles, and the like are a good number of years removed from current. About the only major change I’d make would be the flooring in the entryway. It’s just too uneven for my taste. I almost never wear heals anymore, but for anyone who does that floor is a *bad* idea. Other than that, all sorts of potential for not a lot of trouble or money, I’d say. Two thumbs up!

  2. I admit to once fantasizing about an essentially unbuildable parcel of land and saying to myself, “Short driveway and a counterweight lift. No problem.” It all came flooding back to me at the first picture, which was, of course, only a stupid zip line rather than something that could haul up the groceries. It’s just as well that the listing photos are blocked to browsers; the dream lives on. :D


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