“The Gayest House in Seattle”

1018 E Republican St., Seattle, WA 98102

This is described by the local “alternative” rag The Stranger as “the Gayest House in Seattle.”

1018 E Republican St., Seattle, WA 98102

The shots of the flamingos on the TVs inside are a nice touch.

1018 E Republican St., Seattle, WA 98102

The interior decor is a lot more subtle than the exterior. All in all it actually seems like a nice little place, flamingos aside.

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  1. “The Gayest house in Seattle”… and… it’s at the intersection of Federal and Republican Streets. I’m tellin’ ya, ya can’t make this s**t up. :D

    Seems like a nice, smaller Victorian home in a good neighborhood and only a mile from downtown. I can see why Redfin has designated it a “Hot Home” with an 80% chance to sell in the next week. The finished basement and upper floor could use a bit of decor enrichment, but they’re dediniteley not in dire shape by any stretch of the imagination.

    My only issue with this place isn’t that it’s pink+ on the outside, it’s that most of what’s just past the threshold of said pink is red and orange. Visual whiplash, anyone? With a side order of WTH nausea, to go. Also, they’re not doing themselves any favors featuring pattern heavy Persian carpets with large carved furniture that has patterned upholstery in rooms that are two small for the combination. Although… the living room set and the sideboard in the dining room are… sorry, can’t help myself… fabulous!

    (And BTW… what’s wrong with flamingos?)


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