Blinded by the Light

1513 Holt St., Fort Worth, TX 76103

I assume there’s a house in this photo, but all I can really see is the unnaturally glowing sky.

1513 Holt St., Fort Worth, TX 76103

Bonus: we even get the same blinding light effect inside, too!

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4 Comments on "Blinded by the Light"

  1. What a sad little place… Perhaps the glare is The Light the house is going into, aka Sad Little Place Heaven? Hard to tell if a can-do attitude would be enough to provide sad little place CPR, given there are only 4 pictures available and one of those looks like it’s just looking down the street, not at this house.

    Speaking of looking at this house, it’s kind of a mystery how they were able to achieve glare inside, seeing as how the one exterior photo shows no windows whatsoever. Things that make ya go “hmm…”

    But at only $70K all you’d really need are a viable underlying structure and a half-way decent neighborhood. And a working knowledge of sad little place CPR, or maybe only dwelling place physical therapy…

  2. It’s even got a Sad Little Tree – the dying one on the overgrown lawn, shown in the second listing photo oriented down the road… and doubtless meant to show a sample of the neighborhood, as that suggests a selling point. :D

  3. @anodean: Indeed, that is one sad little tree. The weeds, however, look damn glad to meet you.

  4. And now we see why HDR was invented. Although some agents get extreme with it, a moderate treatment of HDR photography can really create some helpful listing photos.


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