600 Boyd Mill Ave., Franklin, TN 37064

This looks like it could be a pretty cool house. Too bad the listing agent apparently doesn’t want to show it to us. All we get is this one mostly-obscured outdoor shot plus…

600 Boyd Mill Ave., Franklin, TN 37064

A bunch of postage-stamp-sized photos.

600 Boyd Mill Ave., Franklin, TN 37064

It seems like with today’s technology you would have to make an extra effort to put up photos this small.

Whatever. I guess I’ll be taking my $5.5 million elsewhere.

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2 Comments on "Peek-A-Boo!"

  1. $5.5 million, at least post a picture of the kitchen! Lol

  2. There are a number of lovely photos here:

    Several of the listing photos are there and I’m gonna guess there are copyright issues with reproducing them. BTW, Colleen, the only kitchen shown isn’t much to look at. The rest of the place is grand indeed though. I have to say, though, unless the surrounding grounds are home to livestock, there’s no excuse for the pond out back being covered in pond scum, as seen on the Google street view from Glass Lane, just to the east of the house. If there are livestock, pond scum helps break down manure run-off. Yeah…. still looks nasty, even if it is “working” pond scum. >_<


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