“Somewhere Over the Rainbow”

3714 Gleneagles Dr., Tarzana, CA 91356

From the submitter:

As the listing states, it’s a rare opportunity to enjoy this pot of gold at the end of the rainbow! :)

3714 Gleneagles Dr., Tarzana, CA 91356

I can see why they led with the double rainbow. The home itself is… Meh.

From the listing description:

“Somewhere Over the Rainbow” lies a magnificent view from the home and the yard of this lovely home on Gleneagles. Walk through the doors that lead to a home far grander than it appears.

What does it mean?!?

Found by: Alyssa

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2 Comments on "“Somewhere Over the Rainbow”"

  1. Yeah, it’s really unassuming from the curb.

    However, there is a lot of potential for greatness inside without a whole lot of work.

    I like a little more land for outside things, but the view out the back is actually nice. how much would you need your own private garden to spend time and money on when you can just look at that nice vista that you don’t have to worry with. So that’s a trade-off.

    On the other hand – California for over a cool million. My Appalachians come a little cheaper.

  2. First, YEA!!! Marty’s back!!!

    Ahem… moving along…

    I agree, the front facade photo of this house gives a big “Meh” impression. But if you take a look at the street view it looks less “bland-’70s” and more like simply a modest front given the neighborhood. None of the surrounding homes, even those less modest, have any great aesthetic value either. Take that, add modesty, and you have a lackluster result.

    It might behoove the current owners/sellers to consider a face lift. (Those are really popular in SoCal, right?) The listing says the home sold in July of this year. So, is this yet another reselling of it? Or was this listing from before it sold in July?

    Another reason a facade makeover would be well worth the money is that the inside looks really nice. I’m not entirely fond of the added decor, but the basics look like quality material/construction and has a ton of potential to make this into a really fine home. That’s all well and good but if the facade turns off potential buyers before they even see the inside, what was the point of all the interior work? You might even be able to bump up the selling price, which seems pretty low for the location.

    One more plus… the view! Yowza!!


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