Blue his house, with a blue little window…

92 SW 3 St #2104, Miami, FL 33130

Yo, listen up here’s a story
About a little guy
That lives in a blue world

92 SW 3 St #2104, Miami, FL 33130

And all day and all night
And everything he sees is just blue
Like him inside and outside

92 SW 3 St #2104, Miami, FL 33130

Blue his house
With a blue little window
And a blue corvette
And everything is blue for him

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Marty E.
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9 Comments on "Blue his house, with a blue little window…"

  1. Blue, blue, my condo’s blue
    So is my porch, the parking lot too.
    Blue, blue, my stuff is blue
    My eyes are burned out, there’s nothing to do.

    Sun so bright
    Bleaches red and green
    ‘Til you’re so baked
    You can’t stand what you’ve seen.

    Blue, blue, my life is blue
    The realtor’s excited, I know I’m through.
    Blue, blue Miami’s blue
    Someone’ll buy this, but I’m not sure who.

  2. Outside of how freaking lame it is to have blue pics, the RE agent couldn’t even close the drawer in the bathroom before taking the photo??????? Wow.

  3. Other than the fact that tenants are still living there and they have stuff not straightened up, I’m just wondering what the blue is hiding.

  4. This brings to mind a line from a hilarious video that I watched a couple years back.

    “Too much blue filter”. I love the video. Apartment…not so much. Nice view though.

  5. @anodean: Brilliant, Anodean, brilliant! That song immediately popped into my head, too. I was wondering why so much blue in Miami, but you’re explanation has cleared it up. Thank you!

  6. @Kat: The bathroom drawer isn’t the only one open. The bedroom dresser in pic No5 at the listing is also open.

  7. @Frodo: Could this be an over-reaction to all the orange in the “Egrets Seek the Sky” listing? Blue and orange are complementary colors which tend to balance each other. Maybe the photographer couldn’t stand all the tropical orange one’s bound to find in Miami.

    I agree the place needs sprucing up. It’s decent enough but being small means it will look messy quickly. For me, if you’re going to have decor that seriously lacks imagination, you are going to need to keep things looking really smart just to distract from the blasé surroundings. (Imagine how much more painful a chain hotel stay would be if the room didn’t look close to brand new every time the maid came in.) So pillow fluffing, comforter smoothing, electronic cord hiding, etc. All that, even without the atrocious looking bathroom!

  8. @Samme: Thanks for the link, Samme! I often have trouble understanding lyrics, so that video was really helpful. :D

    Don’t know about the view, though… For me there are too many bland rooftops and parking areas. But maybe when seen in real color it’s not as bad. And hey, even if the view isn’t the best, sitting on the balcony with the high up breeze off the ocean has got to be pretty sweet.

  9. Right, I forgot to ask, has anyone ever heard of porcelain floors? (The listing mentions them.) I haven’t and they don’t sound like too good an idea. What if you drop something and the porcelain chips badly or, worse, shatters? How the heck are you gonna match it for a replacement? I wonder if they actually meant the floor is tile or if they were thinking of the word “ceramic”. Porcelain for floors just sounds weird…


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