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3 Comments on "Pulp Elephant"

  1. Couldn’t decide between exclaiming “What?!” and laughing when I saw the listing’s answer to “Larger Photos.” Um, no. From what I could see, though, most of what’s pictured is decor, not house. I do like the interior rock walls and the etched glass front door, but beyond that I’m not seeing anything particularly exciting. Maybe I would, though, if I didn’t feel the need for a magnifying glass to examine to images. Oh, right… the palm tree mural (decal?) in the bathroom is fun.

    Marty, I commend you on somehow reproducing the photos in a decent sized format. Although… maybe that only allowed us to see just what a weird sense of decoration the former owners were into. To each his/her own, I guess. So long as they’re removable or can be covered over when I move in.

  2. @Emerald63: Right… that’s the decorations I want to remove or cover over… not the former owners…

  3. It would not surprise me if the former owners had tragically passed away from heart attacks when, in the dark of night, they had attempted to get to the kitchen for a glass of water and were scared to death by one or more of their murals brandishing firearms or lethal tusks.

    Either that, or an armed home invader broke in and they ignored him because they assumed he was a mural.

    So *many* reasons not to paint my walls like this…


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