Half-Assed Half-Mill

1210 E 1st St., Aberdeen, WA 98520

You would be forgiven for wondering why a dated, dingy, run-down, nondescript home in Aberdeen, WA…

1210 E 1st St., Aberdeen, WA 98520

…with a totally half-assed set of photos (I mean really—is it that hard to focus a camera?) would sport an asking price of half a million dollars.

1210 E 1st St., Aberdeen, WA 98520

Especially when similar homes nearby have recently sold for under $25,000.

1210 E 1st St., Aberdeen, WA 98520

Apparently the seller thinks that the fact that this home was one of “about 20 houses” lived in by Kurt Cobain somehow increases its value 20-fold.

1210 E 1st St., Aberdeen, WA 98520

Good luck with that.

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4 Comments on "Half-Assed Half-Mill"

  1. Getting your hands on Curt Cobain’s boyhood home means you should clear half a mil? How ghoulish can you get? How cynically opportunistic? And people wonder why the man was driven to suicide.

    If this place were priced similarly to what Marty mentioned, it would be a good deal, I think. (Given no structural insufficiencies, asbestos, etc.) Plenty to work with, but plenty of room to put your own mark on it. Great location, too – a small town (population slightly under 17,000), set among hills that surround an awesome sheltered bay, but within around 50 miles of Tacoma. Sweet. It’s a shame a nice natural setting wasn’t enough to establish a mentally healthy lifetime for Mr. Cobain… or the jackass who’s selling his house.

  2. Around here Curt Cobain is still kind of growing in legendary status. I still don’t think someone will shell out that much for the house though.

    The only thing the listing really told me was that I will likely never want to do business with Aberdeen Realty. I don’t even know if it’s half-assed, less than 1/4 assed I would say. Looks like the real estate agent didn’t want to drive that far so they sent in a half-blind assistant with a half-functional camera that is well past its half-life.

  3. Just think if he’d grown up in the robot school.

  4. This listing agent must think he is really someone special to be able to get this much for this house. Like he’s the man who sold the world, or something. The Big Cheese. Is he manic? Did he forget to take his lithium today?

    I mean, just look at this place! No one has cleaned up in here, have they? This bedroom smells like teen spirit. And it looks like someone tried to walk right through the walls, like they were something in the way. I wonder if they were upset, maybe about a girl. Perhaps Polly?

    I know, I’m awful to try to work the song titles into the post. Oh, the guilt. I’ll stop now.

    All apologies.


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