Act Now, Inventory is Moving Fast!

1824 Rustica Dr., Durham, NC 27713

Possible explanations for a listing agent posting photos this bad:

  • Only time available to access the home was in the middle of an earthquake.
  • Agent was drunk when shooting photos and when posting them to the MLS.
  • Owner is attempting to hide valuable government secrets that clear photos would reveal.
  • Um… Ghosts maybe?

1824 Rustica Dr., Durham, NC 27713

Seriously, this is how some agents earn a paycheck. If you turned in work of this quality in virtually any other field you would be fired on the spot. What gives, real estate industry?

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4 Comments on "Act Now, Inventory is Moving Fast!"

  1. “Agent was drunk when shooting photos…”

    One more possibility… Agent was blind when shooting photos…

    Or… maybe s/he simply was desperate to disguise the hideous interiors. Note that the exterior shots are all in focus.

    Man, what possesses someone to do what’s been done (and not done) to this place? Wait… I think I just answered my own question: the owners are possessed. >:D

  2. I actually think blurry may be in vogue. is one I was looking at near my house. Most of the pictures are good but I think they must have taken the same camera on indoor-settings and used it to take the outside pictures.

  3. @Samme: Maybe not blind, but with one eye closed? Some of the time? LOL!

    That’s a real nice looking place, Samme. Thanks for sharing. :D

  4. Denita TwoDragons | February 17, 2013 at 9:48 AM |

    Maaaaan, the realtor shouldn’t have had that fifth Double Redeye Special Espresso.


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