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4 Comments on "What Does This Mean?!?"

  1. Denita TwoDragons | September 12, 2012 at 9:01 AM |

    Is this a real estate listing, or a still shot from a tampon commercial?

  2. Why am I hearing a bunch of fine print read out in fast-speech?

    “Ponies sold separately. Seller makes no warranty of rainbows. All wild grasses may contain dangerous insects, reptiles, and other wildlife and conceal irregular terrain. Always wear sun block, insect repellent, and appropriate safety gear when exuberantly dashing about any outdoor area. This property reflects the dreams of the seller. Your dreams may vary.”

  3. @anodean: Oh Anodean, that is priceless! Too bad the “Trophy Ranch” isn’t, as well.

  4. This bit – “…meticulously planned and executed in great detail” – begs the question, why is this place being sold? I mean, if you have this much money, why would you want to leave? And if you’ve gone broke, how much of a non-advertisement is that for a newcomer to pour *their* money into it? $22 mil?! If I had that sort of moolah I would definitely want *my own* place, designed *for me*, not some second-hand, “Woops we over-extended ourselves” retread.

    The B&B option would seem to be out, as there are only 6 bedrooms (no mention if that’s just the main house or includes the guest house). Perhaps a private celebrity retreat/spa? Too bad you’d have to already have celebrity level money just to get that enterprise off the ground. Spa fixtures ain’t cheap.

    So, how long is this admittedly gorgeous white elephant going to sit empty? Or perhaps be sold to an “overseas investor”? It’s a sad day when a listing’s high end rating is also it’s one fatal flaw.


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