“Professional” Office

208-01 Hillside Ave., Queens Village, NY 11429

From the listing description:

Legal 2 Family Can Also Be Used As Owner Occupied Professional Office With Owner Occupied Apartment On Top. Or Legal Two Family.

208-01 Hillside Ave., Queens Village, NY 11429

Because if anything says “professional,” it’s a real estate agent who can’t even be bothered to rotate the listing photos.

208-01 Hillside Ave., Queens Village, NY 11429

Three percent of the $600k asking price would be an $18,000 payday for the agent, should this home sell at its current asking price.

208-01 Hillside Ave., Queens Village, NY 11429

There’s nothing like a hard day’s work.

Found by: Chillout Spy

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  1. “What kind of professional office,” I asked myself? “To the satellite pictures!” I answered myself… well, to the maps, anyway.

    I confess, I was hoping for some sort of zany practitioner of arcane arts, e.g. “The Small Appliance Spiritualist will see you now. Please be sure you have removed all coffee grounds from your device and have the fee in a green envelope.”

    While I saw no clear prior-use on this unit, there are a doctor, lawyer, dentist, optometrist and even a detox center dotted in among a long block of these units, in an area clearly changing away from (grilled door and window) residential to limited commercial – across a busy street from a schoolyard. No small appliances, but still a bit odd…

  2. That’s one lame RE agent.

  3. Weeell….. considering the first image, this looks like it would work mighty fine as a doctor’s office. Sooo….. maybe the sideways pics are to help potential buyers visualize what their patients would see while lying on the exam table?


    Then I got nothin’. K’s right – that’s definitely a lame agent.

  4. Listings like this make me think that if a picture is worth 1000 words, some of the words describe the photographer more than the subject.

    These pictures say that the real estate agent was too busy and /or lazy (and/or frightened of the neighborhood) to actually go the site even once. That is why there are 4 cell-phone quality pictures with no staging whatsoever to represent a property supposedly worth over half a million dollars.

    That being said, I have a blind friend who does massage therapy who could use a place exactly like that. Home upstairs, work downstairs, no need to commute. Just take out some of the clutter, add a soothing mini-waterfall or something in the waiting room. Would make a nice home/office combo.


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