ShowerDog Not Included

1432 23rd Ave., San Francisco, CA 94122

From the listing description:

This stunning property provides 4487 square feet of living space with 5 generous bedrooms and 4 luxurious bathes.

Only one of the “4 luxurious bathes” contain a ShowerDog but it’s not included in the $2,160,000 list price.

Found by: Ben F.

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5 Comments on "ShowerDog Not Included"

  1. …and no less than a dozen photos of just the living room.

  2. Thank heavens for the pic with the dog, because that house is the most cold looking, least cozy, house I think I’ve ever seen. Brrrrrrrrr….

  3. Emerald63 | July 12, 2013 at 3:12 PM |

    I agree with K to a degree, at least about the decor looking cold, if the not the house itself. However, I feel the potential for the highest level of interior design is sky-high here. Already the design and materials in the public areas are stellar. I do believe I would trade some small portion of my soul for that amazing staircase, the ionic columns, and the red granite fireplace. Kit out the rest of it with plenty of color, quality design, and some inviting textures and this is gonna be a major showplace.

    On the other hand, there are a few things I’m definitely *not* loving. My first thought when I saw the exterior was “overly theatrical.” (Insert politically incorrect “Well, this *is* San Francisco” comment here.) And those chandeliers absolutely have to be swapped for others, along with the balustrade on the window over the stairwell. Yuck! I can handle the stair rail itself, but that’s enough curlicues for me, thanks. Similar feelings for both types of balustrades on the front of the house.

    As for Shower Dog… I’m amazed the owners have pets, what with the huge spread of hardwood floors. Dog claws are not a wood floor’s friend. Who knows what percentage of the time the poor thing is confined to the shower? Not the wisest choice, imo, to leave Fido in the pictures.

    Overall, given the location and the size, I’m amazed this place isn’t listed at three times this price – or more. Oh… how I would *love* to get in there with an unlimited decorating budget!

  4. It was 20 pictures before they made it to the kitchen. There’s a reason for that. That’s probably the ugliest combination of overly expensive luxe kitchen finishes I have seen in a while. The cabinets are too red for the almost-flesh-toned granite counters. The backsplashes are the exact same granite. the matching counter/backsplash would look amazing with a good color and just accentuates the poor color choice that they put in there. The cabinets are beautiful, the granite is beautiful, but only someone who is colorblind would pair them like a bleeding flesh wound.

    Shower dog is cute, but he’s hanging out in the bathroom as it seems to be nearly the only haven from miserable (yet expensive) color choices. I hope these people hire someone better to do their interior next time.

  5. That’s the kids’ bathroom! “Showerdog” will make sure the kiddies wash their hands and brush their teeth. Otherwise he won’t let them leave the room.


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