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3814 E Cat Balue Dr., Phoenix, AZ 85050

So… if I buy this house I can work out every day with a bunch of fit, young women? Is that the message here?

3814 E Cat Balue Dr., Phoenix, AZ 85050

Yup, that appears to be the idea they’re trying to convey. At least with these two photos. The primary listing photo, on the other hand…

3814 E Cat Balue Dr., Phoenix, AZ 85050

I have no freakin’ clue what that one is supposed to be saying.

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  1. I have no freakin’ clue… what this listing is about. The floor plans and photos are not of the same place! Another clue is the description that calls the rooms “spacious” when the “great” room is only 14’5″x16’9″. Well, that and the fact that the floor plan shows NO fireplace, NO gym, and NO separate eating and cooking islands in the appx 10’x14′ kitchen.

    It seems the agent mixed in photos of the “extras” included in a gated community. The giant kitchen, multiple dining tables, pool and foosball tables, AND a conversation area with a giant fireplace – all in one room – just scream “club house,” as does the giant workout room.

    The plans show the actual house to be a pretty nice, with decent sized rooms. Thankfully, given there are four bedrooms, there’s a second living space upstairs.

    And Marty, that last pic says to me that, as in so many cases, the builders/decorators of mass market housing have almost no sense of adventure or style. Neutrals, neutrals, neutrals…. Pleh.

  2. Since this listing is in Arizona, I suspect this is some a severely distressed development that had to suspend construction shortly after building the clubhouse – so that the property listed for sale presently exists only as a drawing. Those interior samples are doubtless meant to help you envision what will *cough*may*cough* be built once you buy in…


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