Typewriter With a View

6380 111th St. SW, Lakewood, WA 98499

All kinds of weird staging going on in this place. From the lone typewriter with no seating…

6380 111th St. SW, Lakewood, WA 98499

…to the pair of tall chairs just sitting by themselves in the corner.

6380 111th St. SW, Lakewood, WA 98499

Also: Dining with George and Martha Washington. And nothing else.

The home does have one cool feature though…

6380 111th St. SW, Lakewood, WA 98499

That’s the “400SF bomb shelter converted into a wine cellar.” Nice. Survivalism in style.

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  1. Parts of the house need updating, but I like the sun room, library, and survival wine cellar. I’d have to see the interior of the workshop mentioned, but even with the trouble they seem to have getting the grass to grow evenly, I love the yard with gazebo and fire pit! My kids are too old for the play set, but it won’t be too many years before I’ll want something for the grandkids.

  2. For a place built in 1941 and not updated since 1963, it looks pretty darn good. A missing baseboard, some duct work that likely needs to be cleaned (Pic 18), etc. But the living area is a lovely open space with lots of light. The sun room only adds to that. However, the kitchen layout would benefit from being reworked.

    There is no street view, given the place is set back from the road and surrounded by enormous evergreens, but with an Air Force base just 2 miles away that’s probably a benefit for noise buffering. On the upside, the high school is just a couple blocks down the street and a shopping center is only about a 1/2 mile away. If I were a buyer, though, I’d want to know more about the “industrial park” about a mile to the northeast and what its environmental impact is. Also, Mt Rainier is about 30 miles to the southeast. When it blows, the “year-round creek” with “2 waterfalls” is going to be a super highway for instant snow melt and mud flow. But hey, I live in Tornado Alley, so I guess it’s really just a matter of picking your poison. And the setting does provide awesome views and recreational opportunities, something Tornado Alley doesn’t have in abundance.

    The one current potential issue from the creek is whether it floods. In Pic 14 of the basement rec room, there is a faint horizontal line about half-way between the floor and windows, also appearing just above the rocking horse to the right. If that’s from furniture rubbing, fine. If it’s from past floods, not fine.


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