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3 Comments on "These Kids Like… Giant Mushroom?"

  1. Considering that’s a pretty good imitation of the Amanita muscaria mushroom… which is hallucinogenic… I’d say those kids fully understand the concept of “play time.” Its effects could also add immeasurably to “getting creative.”

    As for the listing, that’s a really nice CGI rendering. Looks like it’s set against an actual photo of sky and background trees, but the added bits are really exceptional. And given the turret entry and the lovely little stream feeding into the pool/pond in the last photo, I’m liking the feel of the place.

    Just one concern… “2 story family room & a wall of glass” in hurricane country might be tempting fate a bit too much. Besides, you’d go broke just buying the plywood every time there’s a warning. That is, if you could even find that much. But perhaps someone makes deploy-able built-in coverings? Can’t imagine they’re cheap, but it could be worth it.

  2. @Emerald63: I had the same thought about the CGI and figure that it’s realistic enough that most people would take a while wondering why there’s a photo of a concrete pad when the home looks like it’s already built. “Where are the interior photos?”

    In fact the CGI of the house looks better than the photo shop of the children, which actually looks kind of creepy. It makes me wonder if someone spiked my coffee with some mushrooms.

  3. We had a goldfish-pond feature when I was a kid, with a cast concrete mushroom about 18″ high in the middle just like that. Had a concrete gnome under it with a fishing pole and a sappy expression on his face.

    So, this would be the super deluxe model with performing nixies, eh? Rich people. Can’t resist topping everything, even things that were silly ideas in the first place.


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