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1330 Tenaya Dr., Modesto, CA 95354

At first I thought that maybe the listing agent had pulled a 20-year-old camera out of their attic and the lens was covered in mold or something, but then I noticed the text at the top of the image above and realized that what we’re actually looking at here is a picture of a piece of paper with a picture (very poorly) printed on it.

1330 Tenaya Dr., Modesto, CA 95354

There are just three photos on this listing and they all appear to have been taken the same way.

1330 Tenaya Dr., Modesto, CA 95354

Why would someone even do this? Could they not even be bothered to drive past the home, stick their iPhone out the window, and snap a few actual, in-person shots? Did they just get an envelope from the homeowner with these printouts and a listing contract and decide that would be good enough?

I mean, on a $38,000 listing you can’t expect much, but still…

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  1. Perhaps the house is no longer there (or has become, oh, I don’t know, highly radioactive or flooded with fracking effluent) and the agent (who may virtuously maintain that s/he reasonably relied upon the representations of the seller, whom s/he had also never seen) has wisely chosen not to muddy the waters by going anywhere near the place…

  2. Hey Marty, did you notice this near the bottom of the listing?

    “Please note: This property has history which is not being shown. The local MLS requires that we register you before displaying this information. Why? [that last word is a link]

    Registering does not require you to work with us and we promise not to spam you, ever.”

    If ya really want to know, you could always register. I’m gonna put my money on it having been a meth lab. Supposedly they can be “cleaned up” but I sure wouldn’t want to live in one.

    Either a meth lab or just because it’s in Modesto. The weirdest things seem to happen in Modesto.

  3. Emerald63, you piqued my curiosity, so I signed up with Redfin. The property history is just a list of when it was sold and for what price. The only thing interesting was that it was listed in 2006, didn’t sell, and was delisted in 2007. Also, the three previous sales were for more than they’re asking now.

  4. @Claire: Interesting. I have to wonder if a person makes an actual inquiry if there’s more to it. I know in most places it’s the law that you have to divulge certain types of past incidents to prospective buyers. Considering meth labs are highly toxic, and require special detailed methods to make them safe, I think they would make the list. Being in a known earthquake or flood zone do, as well as whether a place is believed to be haunted in some areas! If there really isn’t any more to it, then I think they’re dooming that place not to sell, at least through their agency. Thanks for checking it out for us. :)


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