Everything Looks Better In HDR

10720 Stone Ave N, Seattle, WA 98133

Massively cluttered basement? No problem!

10720 Stone Ave N, Seattle, WA 98133

Just shoot that thing in over-saturated HDR!

10720 Stone Ave N, Seattle, WA 98133

Then everyone will be so overwhelmed by the hyper-reality of your next-generation photography skills that they’ll never notice all of the random crap covering every possible surface!

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  1. Emerald63 | March 4, 2013 at 3:56 PM |

    $300 grand for this thing? Remind me (again) never to move to Seattle. And never, ever to visit the owners, no matter where they may live in the future. What a bunch of slobs! Any time would be bad, but in pics for a house you want to sell at that price? Damn, some people are *really* dumb.

    As for the basement, those people are amateurs. I spent a year cleaning out my folks’ house after they died. Granted, their upstairs looked *nothing* like this place. Probably as much stuff, just kept in an orderly fashion. I was working mostly by myself, in 2-3 week increments, 200 miles from home. I did have help a couple times when my brother flew in from New York, and on the weekends that my husband had both days off and could drive up to pitch in. But in the end, we totally lucked out – we closed on the house sale on August 22, 2008… just a couple weeks before the stock market crashed. Whew!

    To whomever buys this place (if anyone), best of luck making a nice little home of it. I suppose anything’s possible with enough will power, elbow grease, and a touch of money. If you have any left after buying this.

  2. It is unbelievable that they couldn’t shovel the crap off the surfaces to take good listing pictures.
    I agree it is hard to look past the open and smelly-looking gym bag in front of the room-crossing wires in picture 2. The obviously wet and wadded up towels in picture 3, The half packed (or is it half-unpacked) boxes in 4, 5 and 12. Dirty dishes in 6, outerwear in the dining room in 7, WTF in 8-11, and general I-am-too-lazy-to-control-my-clutter throughout.

    However, looking at the visible patches of floors, the open storage areas, and the bare bits of wall, the place actually looks pretty clean/undamaged for a 1930s house. If the people moving out remove all their crap and vacuum/mop I think the house will be rather sweet.

    I definitely think that poor house will be better off without the current residents. Hopefully it can find a nice couple who will enjoy it.

  3. Those are so cool, they resemble that technicolor appearance from the 1950s. That’s quite a little Santa’s workshop down there in the cellar. Poor fella, I hope wherever they’re moving, he gets a real garage or shop for his tools…

  4. Oh my goodness – those pictures look exactly like all those old watercolor paintings they used to use to illustrate everything in old magazines. Even all this wreckage looks exactly as though there should be a superimposed line drawing of that guy with a hat and a pipe in the upper left hand corners, saying, “I always keep a good supply of Whatzis on hand – you should, too!”

    What did you guys say creates this effect? High definition and saturation? It’s like a magic art way-back machine…

  5. I’ve seen worse, but even if you’re moving, you straighten up for the photographer for the listing so you get best dollar for the sale.

    In any case, nothing says, “I’m a middle aged, single male blogging/gaming/hacking from my mom’s basement,” like a pile of old computers, some still in use, around the corner from the washer and dryer with your network spaghetti hanging from ductwork under the unfinished floor joists.


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