Just Like a Day at the Beach

5427 Glenwood Ave Unit A&B, Everett, WA 98203

Because sometimes you just want to go into your bathroom to sit down and relax, and what better place than right between the toilet and the shower.

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5 Comments on "Just Like a Day at the Beach"

  1. Right! The only problem is that someone removed the goose-neck floor lamp from beside the shower enclosure before taking this picture. How on earth can one hope to clip one’s toenails, extract one’s splinters, or trim one’s corns properly without good lighting? Silly, silly stager!

  2. I’m going with anodean on this one – it can be really helpful to have a *comfortable* place to sit to do some types of personal grooming. Putting a chair right next to the shower/bath wouldn’t by my first choice as it could pick up too much moisture, but in most bathrooms you don’t have a lot of choice on where to put one, if there’s any room for one at all that is.

    The rest of this place looks pretty nice… inside. Sure does look like no one wasted any charm points on the outside, though.

  3. Denita TwoDragons | November 14, 2012 at 12:47 PM |

    I’d forget my hangnails the moment I stepped out of the shower, tripped over that chair, and banged my head on the toilet.

  4. @Denita TwoDragons: Well, I suppose that’s what might have happened to the lamp. Perhaps I shouldn’t have just automatically blamed the realtor/stager like that… tsk.

  5. I couldn’t stop laughing at the caption. Struck me funny. Think about it for a moment.


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