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12 Comments on "Peek-A-Boo Kitchen"

  1. Pity the designers chose to wall off such a tiny space. Just leaving the kitchen area open would have made for a much more inviting main room. (The listing photos include a floor plan.) It should be too hard to remove the bits of wall, though. A curtain or folding screen would provide just as much visual shielding of unexpected visitors show up before you’ve had a chance to do the dishes.

    In general, though, this is a nice looking (if small) place. Lovely parquet floors and a nice wide expanse of glass that overlooks a very nice courtyard with fountain. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen an arrangement where the edge of the living room doubles as a balcony, with the sliding glass door on the outside of the railing. Different, but effective and kinda cool.

    $165,000 for just over 500 square feet might seem excessive, but this apartment building is in D.C. proper, where a convenient location in a lovely complex is a hard combo to find.

  2. Oops… that should read “shouldn’t” be too hard…

  3. Oh, I don’t know. There’s something comforting about a kitchenette with it’s own fireproof blast doors. Always supposing that you’re on the outside of them, of course, but that’s pretty much the point of having oven timers.

  4. @Anodean: Cooking classes, Anodean… perhaps you should check them out? ;)

  5. Denita TwoDragons | August 26, 2012 at 1:34 PM |

    I dunno, I guess it depends on what you’re cooking. I got badly burned on my hand a few months back from splattering marinara sauce. Having a wall between me and the mess would probably have helped a little. ;-)

  6. @Denita TwoDragons: Just curious… how would you have been able to make the marinara if you couldn’t get to it? Do you mean to say you were several steps away when it splashed you? ‘Cause, man… that is some spicy-a-meatball! (TV ad reference before your time?)

  7. @Emerald63:

    Words to live by:

    Under the most rigorously controlled conditions of pressure, temperature, humidity, and other variables, the dinner will do as it darned well pleases.

    I do like to be prepared. :D

  8. Denita TwoDragons | August 29, 2012 at 2:54 PM |

    @anodean: Once I finally finish spasming in uncontrollable fits of laughter, I will be painting those words on a lovely piece of wood and hanging it in my kitchen.

  9. @anodean: LOL! As will clueless roommates… I was cooking spaghetti years ago. As I was draining the grease off the meat for the sauce, I managed to spill some on the uber-hot coil that was boiling the pasta water. ***Flash Fire*** Lasted only a split second, but boy… was that a hell of a second; flames a good 2′ high!

    I still lived in a college town and as a means to share rent had a college guy as roommate. He was 6’5″, a height which apparently precluded his circulatory system from supplying adequate blood flow to his brain, because “dim bulb” didn’t begin to cover it. Nice enough, really good looking, well groomed and dressed, but, you know… a dumb blond. (And before anyone says it, *I’m* blond so I don’t use that phrase lightly.)

    Anyway, he was in the bathroom, just off the kitchen, maybe 10′ from the stove. Of course I screamed at the top of my lungs when the fire flashed. But did this guy even notice? No. No iPods back then, either, and he didn’t have the radio on. I asked him when he came out, “What the hell would it take for you to notice if there were an emergency?!” All he had to say was, “Huh?”

    ~ years later… still banging head on desk about that ~

  10. This is actually my apartment. There are dual sliding doors. one closes off the Kitchen and the other closes off the entryway in order to sound proof the livingroom. It was useful for the previous owner who used the space as an office. Now it has come in handy for turning the livingroom into a guest bedroom when we have company!

  11. @joe:Well, there is a certain awkwardness to finding that one has been passing remarks on someone’s actual living space… particularly after this revelation that the blast doors a) weren’t your idea, b) were installed for a perfectly logical reason, and c) come useful for yet another perfectly ordinary reason.

    I cheerfully retract all aspersions, direct or implied, that your culinary activities require special containment, and offer with good will the statement that I also have no reason to believe that any coat racks, shoe trays, or other paraphernalia in the entryway pose any risk to life or limb beyond their usual experience of operation, either.

    Yr faithful correspondent

  12. @joe: I think it’s awesome to have someone who owns the property in the comments. I always wonder when we are looking at these listings if the people will notice that they are posted here, or if they will care enough to correct my wild rambling imaginings of the goings-on in the pictures..


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