Why Rent? Bring Offer!

24 Stenton Ave. #304, Providence, RI 02906

From the listing description:

Why rent? Own and move right in to this East Side corner unit with view of trees on the balcony. Walk to Miriam, near train, bus, colleges & highways! Bring offer!

24 Stenton Ave. #304, Providence, RI 02906

Asking price: $12,100,000

24 Stenton Ave. #304, Providence, RI 02906

Just a hunch, but I think they may have accidentally added a few extra zeros to that price.

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  1. Hmm… I have a hunch your hunch is right, Marty. Interestingly, though, the listing does say it’s a condo, not an apartment, *and* there are additional monthly HOA dues of $220. I’m not sure what the requisite HOA level is for a price tag with fewer zeroes, but as far as I’m concerned it’s too steep. I just do not get this business of buying a place but basically still paying rent. If you were just renting an apartment, the management would have to include repairs and site maintenance anyway, even though you only pay rent. If you’re going to convert monthly rent payments into a lump sum condo purchase price, why do you still need to pay HOA dues? As long as you’re not living there for, say, 15 or more years, it ought to even out.

    Anyway… Not only is the interior unattractively decorated (and I use the latter term loosely), the building exterior is beyond hideous. I used to frequent a site that offered use of smileys, one of which was a vomiting smiley. If that were available here… Well, you get the idea. Another thumbs down for me was the use of French provincial furniture. Probably my least favorite style. All appropriate, though, for a Monday(+1) offering.


  2. To be fair, it is clean, painted (ow), in good repair, and does have a relaxing view of the trees, which is likely better than anything else you might see out that balcony. It shows every sign of having been purchased by a slightly upper-middle-class family to house their collegiate larva and be sold (or rented) afterward as an “investment.” I’d suggest the price was meant to be $121k, and that the most likely market would be a similar family.

    A friend of mine once referred to her small student habitat property as “a gold mine” – with the caveat that she rented only to girls. ;)

  3. @anodean: Yeah, yeah, it’s clean and decently, if not unattractively, painted… On that score we’ve definitely seen infinitely worse.

    “collegiate larva”
    Love it! :D I forgot to mention that my very first apartment (during college) had a kitchen similar to the one here, though actually *smaller.* There was no dish washer, so the one side of the sink was no wider than the one on the far side of this abode. Consequently, there was no cabinetry between the stove and fridge (in a pic at the listing), nor any cabinetry on the other side of the stove. Luckily there was enough room to keep a rolling butcher block top cart *and* a trash can, so I did have a bit more storage space.


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