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  1. I love the old-house character here. It’s been kept up well and has some nice quirks to it like the odd-shaped kitchen, the double-second-floor, the dance-studio mirrors in the bedroom (not that that would appeal to many people), the wide-plank hardwood floors, aged nicely to tell you that they are solid and not simply modern laminate creations.

    I don’t know what they are trying to convey with the turtle in the listing, though. Maybe he’s a playmate for the little dogs in photo 14.

  2. The shape isn’t the only odd thing about the kitchen, Frodo. I was thumbing through the pics thinking, “Gee, what a lovely upscale British home… Nice big spaces, fairly well decorated, pretty sedate compared to the typical over-sized floral moti………… OMG! WTH?!” Yeah, that’s when I got to Pic 5 – the kitchen. My first thought was that it looked more like a hair salon than anything. The bar stools look like the styling chairs that can be pumped up in height and the color and tile work just add to the effect.

    Although the room in Pic 6 could use some help (pale yellow beams on a white background?), things settled down again. Until Pic 11. Could this be the same decorator that did the pink-and-zebra-striped room we saw a couple weeks ago? Considering the photo of the pensive looking tortoise is the next image, he almost seems to be saying, “Now do you understand why I’m out here instead of in there?”

    Still, it’s a nice property. For the size and close-in to London setting even the $4.3M price tag isn’t that bad. I do wonder, though, if this were in the U.S., how much would inspectors hassle owners about that weird – and quite cramped – angled entry vestibule.


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