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4 Comments on "You Might Want To Call CPS"

  1. Note how well the child’s clothing accentuates the blue in the carpet. Reasoning from the owner’s concept of a “child’s room,” one suspects that they are required to be decorative at all times…

  2. I agree that the blue denim does a lovely job of drawing your eyes to the drapes. My first thought though was that the homeowner stuffed an old sweatshirt, socks and pair of jeans to act as a sort of scarecrow to keep people off her furniture.

    To be fair…compared to some of the hoarder messes in the recent past this one is very very well kept.

  3. Ah – I had overlooked the scarecrow effect. You’re right, it’s meant to scare away any children that might dare wander in… left there as an example to the others…

  4. Emerald63 | April 1, 2013 at 5:34 PM |

    One would expect a fine southern lady homemaker to assure her offspring never, ever clash with her statement making interiors, nor squall too loudly and thus disturb the domestic tranquility. But it *is* interesting that she chose a Federalist color scheme and Colonial era furnishings for the public areas… in Atlanta.

    But nice. *Very* nice. Love the kitchen – spacious, modern, but also with a semi-country charm and such a peaceful color scheme. Also love the ionic columns between the kitchen and living areas. Nice touch. And said homemaker had the decency to let the non-baby offspring select screaming jungle green for his/her bedroom walls. So maybe only concerned about appearances to a lesser degree than might be?

    I certainly hope this place is in a location to warrant even half the asking price; I’m not sure anything could warrant the full price, not from what we see here. Perhaps if the suggested pool in the description were already installed… But half a mil for 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, and scarcely more than 1600 square feet? Guess I won’t be moving to Atlanta anytime soon.


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