$85 Million Buys a Lot of Goodies

1181 North Hillcrest Rd., Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Do you ever get the feeling that some listings are less about selling the house…

1181 North Hillcrest Rd., Beverly Hills, CA 90210

…and more about showing off the owner’s cool toys and goodies?

1181 North Hillcrest Rd., Beverly Hills, CA 90210

I mean, those are cool pillows and all, but do we really need nearly 200 photos to adequately convey this home’s qualities?

1181 North Hillcrest Rd., Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Anyway I’m going to go down to the wine cellar (appreciating my awesome door handles on the way down)…

1181 North Hillcrest Rd., Beverly Hills, CA 90210

…grab a drink…

1181 North Hillcrest Rd., Beverly Hills, CA 90210

..and go relax in the pool.


Found by: Christin C.

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8 Comments on "$85 Million Buys a Lot of Goodies"

  1. Whoever owns it hasn’t owned it for long. It was just built this year, long enough to stock it up with goodies that probably don’t all convey.

  2. They really, really like orange swivel chairs….

  3. My God, that is One.Hell.Of.A.View… gorgeously taken advantage of, too. Sure, it’s a show-off piece, but it actually does have decent design elements throughout. Most of the spaces are overdone, but the underlying quality shows through, despite the Bentley branding on the sofa pillows. (Like having actual Bentleys in your house isn’t enough of a clue that you’re rich…)

    So, just how many people do these people know? How the hell many guests are there at a time? I’ve never seen so many easy chairs, dining chairs, bar stools, etc, in my life. If I had a place this high-end I’d sure as hell want it to myself now and then. But this place looks like a high-rollers socializing venue as much as it does a home.

    More questions…
    – What’s with the giant blue glass(?) grenade? Pics 13, 51, 52, 57, and others.
    – Or the “designer” fire extinguishers? In Pic 30 there’s Coco Channel and Yves Saint Laurent “brands” and in Pic 48 they’re in various colors. Do they actually work? I’m thinking having your art look like equipment for a dire emergency might be a bad idea.
    – Speaking of dire emergencies, who that much expensive wine sitting in full daylight? Aren’t you supposed to keep it in a cool, dark place to preserve the quality? What, are they saying they drink so much so often that light degradation is not a problem?
    – And how is it that the price tag jumped seven fold in two years? Redfin says it was built in ’87, but Frodo says it was built this year. So did just the lot cost $12.6M?

    I’m so confused… Confused and dazzled……. Marty, may I join you at the pool?

  4. @Emerald63: Just realized my Pic references were to the slide show at the “200 photos” link. Sorry for any confusion.

  5. @Emerald63: The Redfin listing indicates it was built in 2014. Looking at the historic satellite imagery it looks like it replaced an older home, although what little you can see of the older home looks as nice as the other homes in the area, I think they were going for over-the-top rich.

    I agree: The blue grenade and designer fire extinguishers are definitely odd.

    I also wonder about the bathroom with its own infinity pool. I won’t be bathing there, thank you very much, where the drunken guests will be talking to from the seating area there. My only guess is that this is a bath-house style washroom… with a bathtub?

    This does make me think that they made the house pretty, but not overly functional. That is to say that it might be fun to come for a visit, but between the exposed wine storage, grass clippings clogging up the infinity pool filters, drunken guests driving off with, or even just barfing on, the status displays parked a few feet away, the multiple TVs in the gym with screen glare, a kitchen way too small to put food on all the plates in the dining areas at once (I don’t even see a catering service entrance, and where, for the love of Pete, do they wash all those dishes?), a wall of candy that I doubt will be eaten fast enough to keep the candy fresh unless it just adds color to the cars when mixed with more alcohol than you find in your local bar. Something just makes me think that the practicality to support the function of the place is really low.

  6. Toyland, toyland
    Material girl and boy land
    Stocked with cars and candy
    Marble tubs and orange chairs

    So-Cal joyland
    Wine-cellared merry toyland
    Once you pass its borders
    You… can never return again

    … they’ll get a restraining order, if necessary. :D

  7. @Anodean: Brilliant! Best get that copyrighted, pronto!! >:D

  8. @Frodo: Thanks for telling me about the price and structure history – I missed those somehow. That’s quite an upgrade, from $12.6M to $85M, and with still with all the impracticalities you mentioned. Go figure the thought processes of the uber rich…


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