Host a Generator Pool Party!

N1860 N Black Point Dr., Lake Geneva, WI 53147

Generator pool parties are the best kind of pool party.

N1860 N Black Point Dr., Lake Geneva, WI 53147

Is that guy second from the left holding a fancy TV news-style video camera? Apparently this was quite the noteworthy party.

Anyway, back to the pool. And the generators!

N1860 N Black Point Dr., Lake Geneva, WI 53147

Interestingly, the photos on the “virtual tour” have file names that call this the “Generac home.” Generac is the company that makes the poolside generators, and their headquarters is located less than an hour from this home.

I thought maybe the home was owned by the CEO or some other high-ranking executive at Generac, but searching for a Generac connection to the owner name listed with the county assessor comes up empty.

I choose to believe that what we’re seeing in these photos is the annual meeting of the international Generac fan club.

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  1. I like this place. It’s way outside of my price range, but I can still dream. It approaches the overdone earth tones threshold, but the dark wood trim helps to offset that. It is actually filled with the right kind of stuff to make it work out okay. I’d live here.

  2. I’m with Frodo – I could live here, at least in summer. I’ll pass on northern winters, having grown up outside Chicago. BTW, the Google maps satellite view was shot in winter and shows some very cool ice patterns on Lake Geneva.

    I was a bit confused at first: the casework, fixtures, and interior stonework suggests a period home; the exterior doesn’t. Yet those exterior materials would not be used in a historic rehab. Luckily, the virtual tour’s Design & Construction tab states this is a newer home. Kudos on the interiors, then!

    Although… it also says the interior columns are structural. How does that work, given their weird, segmented design? What happens when the house settles? There isn’t a lot of design tolerance to accommodate much movement. Ancient columns were often built of layered, horizontal slabs anchored together inside with bronze spikes. That wouldn’t help a lot here, as the sections are taller than they are wide. While these look pretty good, I’d have used another ancient technique – plastering over the entire column to make it look like one giant piece of stone. Much more impressive. And it’s not like the designer was trying to be “honest” with his/her materials. The exterior stonework is not structural (or even structural looking) and the fancy “plaster” ceiling in the living room is admittedly just painted tin!

    There are some interesting pics at the bottom of that Design & Construction tab, in part showing the bent plywood core of the “stone” towers being hoisted into place. Not what I expected. (Nor are the multiple spelling and grammatical errors at both the listing and the virtual tour.)

    As for the generators… if one of the honored “guests” decides to join in the pool party, the results will be positively electrifying! Because it just ain’t a party unless you go home totally fried.


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