Sleep Inside a Painting

Undisclosed Address, Las Vegas, NV 89146

Wow. That is quite the bedroom. Painted walls and painted ceiling. I’m not sure what I’m looking at in the center of the picture, though. Is that a mirror on a dresser in a windowed alcove?

I think this next photo is the same room, shot from inside that alcove.

Undisclosed Address, Las Vegas, NV 89146

Also: check out the garden. Dang.

Undisclosed Address, Las Vegas, NV 89146

Not gaudy at all, nope. I wonder why they chose to keep the address “undisclosed”?

Found by: Christin C.

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  1. While first taking a moment to respect the fact that they didn’t put the bed up there – why would a vanity/dry bar/entertainment center have seemed like a good idea to them? Wouldn’t a swank low-table-and-chairs ensemble for viewing the lavish gardens make more sense?

    Oh, no… no. It is. It’s a dead jacuzzi. They literally couldn’t imagine any other use for the area and just dragged the nearest large piece of furniture up there to hide their shame. Oh, the humanity.

  2. I’ll bet that propery belongs to some Vegas celeb. I used to live in Vegas, and a lot of the celebs have waaaaay over the top places like that. Awful looking decor…eek.

  3. Emerald63 | March 1, 2013 at 3:16 PM |

    Why is the address undisclosed? Because this is the dark, dark lair of a Bond villain, that’s why; the Midas touch of Goldfinger is everywhere in this nightmare. Whatever the tactile equivalent of one’s jaw hanging open is, I was a victim of it for some time before I could even type a response. If that’s not the effect of a Bond villain in action, I don’t know what is. Well, that and the fact that this place is on the FBD’s (Federal Bureau of Decoration’s) 10 Most Wanting List. I suppose the only reason some people have no shame is because said people also have not one iota of taste in their entire genome. Thank the Gods this case is mostly hidden from public view. I’d hate to think how many passersby might otherwise be driven to insanity with an inadvertent case of Toxic Schlock.

    I have long harbored a fantasy about lengthy and rigorous parenting classes and a licensing exam being required before anyone is allowed to pro-create. I now see that such a process is needed just as desperately before people are allowed to decorate. That and constant monitoring for substance abuse for both intoxicants and crass decorating materials.

    For now, I remain in a quandary over how the human species can produce da Vinci, Bernini, and Mozart and yet still come up with whomever committed decoricide on an epic scale. I’ll let you know if I ever come up with an answer…..

  4. Emerald63 | March 1, 2013 at 3:33 PM |

    @anodean: I do not understand your use of the phrase “a good idea” and the word “swank” in connection with this listing. Perhaps you could rephrase using terms more in line with the alien life forms who live here? Or, more likely, use this as a torture chamber?

  5. Actually I was fascinated by this listing and went through all the pictures twice. If I lived within 100 miles of the place I would likely try to get in to view it. I agree that if it is viewed as a whole it is a bit mind boggling. I am just picturing a place where someone who was incredibly creative and a bit ADD was staying for several years. They have finally decorated every spare inch of the place and need to move on to a fresh new location with nothing but a coat of primer on it. This house is one that I could look at for a week and not see everything.

  6. Emerald63 | March 4, 2013 at 3:46 PM |

    @Samme: Indoor Tagging… new at the 2016 Summer Games…..


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