Office-Living-Workout Room

5239 190th Ln. NE, Columbus, MN 55092

Nine of the eleven photos of this home are of the exterior or the view. Which sort of makes sense, given that the home sits on half an acre of lake front property.

5239 190th Ln. NE, Columbus, MN 55092

If the rest of this home’s 4,519 square feet look anything like the two rooms they did include photos of… well let’s just say that I’m not too surprised this foreclosed home was apparently pulled off the market without selling.

Found by: Colleen

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  1. ‘Kay… I’m confused. What’s this listing doing on Redfin if it’s not for sale? How does that work? Does the bank still own it? Are they just listing it in the hopes that someone might come forward with a reasonable offer? Architecture I know; real estate dealings not so much.

    It does look like somebody’s wish list was bigger than his/her wallet. Developer or private owner I don’t know, but somebody. That separation from reality even shows up in the design of the house… It’s on the southern shore of a lake, and the lake views are from three stories of humongous windows. Lake views from the south shore of a lake mean that all those windows are facing north. In Minnesota. Yeah… someone’s a bit dim… dim like a Minnesota winter.

  2. Nice revolver and hockey stick laying in front of the TV set.


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