His and Hers…

4128 Alayna Lee Cir., McDonough, GA 30252

That’s… um… an… interesting choice of um… art, I guess, to hang directly over your master bed. Not sure exactly what kind of message they’re trying to send to potential buyers with that.

4128 Alayna Lee Cir., McDonough, GA 30252

I also like how this home was only just listed a couple of days ago, but the primary photo if of everything covered in snow.

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  1. This is truly an interesting home. Marty notes that this July listing features snow… to which I would add, “in Georgia” – where it snows so rarely that the inhabitants tend to run outside, spin in circles (often in their cars), and take pictures. Which they saved, because I reckon it’s the most normal picture they’ve ever got (or are likely to get) of the place.

    Next in the listing photos was the living room with not merely the couch and treadmill arranged for widescreen TV viewing, but several pet beds and.. is that a cat litter box? No, couldn’t be. Must be another doggie bed.

    Next photo, the kitchen, back of nomming pet… looks like a cat. Strange dog? Perhaps it is a coatimundi. I’m not sure what sanitary arrangements they require.

    THEN the bedroom clears it all up. We’ve got ourselves another busted dimensional transfer station, and those poor plaster people no longer know whether they’re coming or going. Believe me, it would only get uglier if they tried to repair it. Call ’em art, round up the coatimundies, and put it on the market!

  2. Emerald63 | July 8, 2013 at 2:05 PM |

    Actually, it says the listing was last updated on April 25. Given this year’s wonkier than usual weather that might not have been too much later than the date of the photos.

    Anywho, nice looking place. Built in 2006 but with obvious attention to detail. I like that in a house. A goodly amount of finished square footage with *tons* more unfinished space, so at least your getting your money’s worth on space if nothing else. Kinda makes me wonder what they’re doing with the treadmill in the living room *and* a bench press with barbells in the bedroom. Sounds like it’s time to install an exercise room in the currently unfinished basement.

    Anodean, I noticed the possible litter box, too, and, given the nice state of the furnishings and upkeep, also settled on it being another pet bed. Please… let it be another pet bed. I’m not sure about the wisdom of including a cat(s) in the photos (there’s one behind the barbells, too). It makes the listing seem more like a home, but it may also worry some buyers that there will be a “cat smell.” With just bowls and beds showing they might not jump to that conclusion. I have no idea if there’s such a thing as a “coatimundi smell.”

    Now, for the 800lb gorilla in the room… “Those poor plaster people [may] no longer know whether they’re coming or going,” but if you look at that… lump… in the middle of the (apparently male) bed, it looks like *something’s* coming… There are also a few pre/post tryst sculptural appeteasers in the bathroom as well, on a shelf near the ceiling. But since I recognize one them as a mini version of Bernini’s “Daphne and Apollo” I’m not sure just what kind of hijinks these folks get up to. Apollo chased Daphne, intent on having his way with her. She fled, prayed to her father the river god, and he turned her into a tree so that Apollo would leave her be. Perhaps some odd twist of fate has left a humanesque Daphne above the bed while the “wood” of the Apollo tree lies below her.

    And all this in Georgia… Things that make ya go ‘Hmmm…….’

  3. I think the message in the sculptures above the bed is much simpler than that. “Her side” is the right, represented by the curvy, feminine front; “his side” is the left, and clearly he is an ass.

  4. @JMixx: Hmm… maybe he’s just turning away in disgust and betrayal due to that other “male presence,” the one wifey tried to hide under the covers?


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