The Dark Side

2004 Turnbull Ave., Bronx, NY 10473

Apparently whoever took the photographs of this home was unfamiliar with the concept of flash photography.

2004 Turnbull Ave., Bronx, NY 10473

It’s understandable, the only been around for 114 years.

2004 Turnbull Ave., Bronx, NY 10473

I also really enjoy photos like this one:

2004 Turnbull Ave., Bronx, NY 10473

Because if the listing didn’t include a photograph of the water heater, how would I know that one was included with the home?

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  1. Emerald63 | July 8, 2013 at 8:24 PM |

    Or the concept of interesting photography…

    Here we have yet another frozen-in-time home from the 1970s, except for the mint green bathroom – that’s ’40s-’50s. I gotta say, on the first count I’m having flashbacks to my childhood.

    What’s with the overly-wrought iron fencing everywhere? It looks close to ludicrous surrounding yards that small. The listing says this has a “spacious” backyard. Geeze, I’d hate to see what they think is a tiny yard. Is the fencing just the thing to have there, or is actually necessary due to crime?

    Not much else to say here, except that $400K for a 63 year old, never-been-updated place in Brooklyn is a bit steep, especially if that’s crime fencing… no pun intended.

  2. Well, there’s definitely a story here, but we’d need a local to tell us. I didn’t spot the built-date in the listing (guest only, me), but frankly I’d be surprised if it were only 63 years old (it vibes to me at least a generation older than that) – but either way, I’m betting it cost quite a lot when it was new (all the properties have those nice front fences), and is still best on the block: it’s detached, and that extra-half-lot garden does seem to be quite meaningful in the surrounds. And it was updated, substantially… in 1970. :D

    I’m guessing that’s when married-with-young-kids Nana finally came into enough cash to remodel/redecorate it to her own tastes – and that she persisted there while the neighborhood did what neighborhoods did over the next 60 years (bars in the windows in back), even to fitting up and renting a basement apartment to shut the kids up about her “living alone.”

    Now she’s gone, and the kids (who would eat worms before they would take that couch, even though it’s still like new under the plastic) are looking for a windfall. They might even get a good deal of it, if gentrification is approaching. The place would certainly clean up nicely.

    What you want to see a picture of in the basement is the furnace… for historical interest. :D

  3. Emerald63 | July 9, 2013 at 7:35 PM |

    @anodean: Here’s an idea for that sofa… Rather than just donate it, see if there’s a market for movie props. Movies set in a particular period some time ago have to find their props somewhere, after all. And with that thing in pretty much mint condition, it might actually bring some money.

    About the build date, you don’t have to be signed in to see it. It’s about half-way down the page, in the Public Records section. :)

  4. I especially like that the pipe leading from the pressure relief valve on the water heater has been disconnected. Even more reason to prominently feature the appliance in the listing.

  5. Oh, it’s the age-old story: House meets vampire, vampire falls in love with House (perhaps her name is Eave!), and they live happily ever after. Until a random breeze from a passing garbage truck shifts a curtain, allowing a single fateful ray of sunshine to fall across the sleeping homeowner…


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